Marauders: Chatzy Born

This is an HP fanfic that takes place in the Marauders Era. Its ''loosely'' based on a Chatzy RP. J.K. Rowling owns the series not me.

Chapter 1


by: Harper_
"What are you doing?" Nymphadora Tonks peered over my shoulder. I put my book down.
"Reading. What else could I possibly be doing!" I sarcastically remarked. I heard Moo speak up. Okay, her name actually isn't Moo, its Roxanne Weasley but we all call her Moo.
"Why are you always reading, Addi?" She inquired. I stood up and pointed my finger in the air dejectedly.
"I AM A RAVENCLAW TIS WHAT I DO!!" I then flopped onto my bed in a fit of insane giggles.
We were all gathered in Devyn Weasley and I's dorm room. I got back up and put my book back on the shelf in alphabetical order. I am a tad OCD...okay a little more than a tad. I pulled my honey gold hair out of my face and scowled. It needed to be changed, I decided. With a scrunch of my face, my hair was shorter and lighter.
"Whaddyou guys wanna do?" I asked everybody. Everybody being, Nymphadora Tonks, who insisted we call her by her last name or Tonksy, Devyn "Devy" Weasely, Moo, Aristia "Ari" Black, and of course me, Addilyn Dawn. Addi for short.
A chorus of no's rang out. I looked at the clock. It was almost time for dinner anyway. I thought aloud.
"GOOD IDEA ADDI! I WANNA SEE SIRIUS!" Devy exclaimed. She jumped up and zoomed out of the room. I facepalmed and followed her with everyone else.
"What she sees in my brother is a mystery to me." Ari muttered, I laughed as I walked into the Great Hall where the five of us were bombarded by the Marauders. I inwardly groaned.
"Hello ladies!" James cockily announced. I rolled my eyes at his arrogance.
"James, how many times must we go through this?" I bluntly stated. He smiled smugly.
"That's what you think." He vaguely said in a smug tone. What the bloody hell did that mean?! I just shrugged off his cryptic comment and went to sit down. I walked past Devy and Sirius who were practically going at it on the table and shouted at the two of them to get a room. I sat far away. I always say I am allergic to happy, loving, couples.
I felt an arm fall across my shoulders. I lifted it by the sleeve.
"Who's arm is this? Because I found it on my shoulder!!" I angrily growled through clenched teeth. I looked up to see the face of Gilderoy Lockheart. My own insane stalker. I flung his arm off my shoulder and turned back to my food. An apple. I don't eat much. There is a reason why I stay small and light enough to be a seeker. I was busy muttering about Gilderoy when Tonks sat down next to me, and Remus next to her.
"Hey!" She said as she stole a piece of Remuses' chocolate.
"Hello" I took a bite of the large, honeycrisp, apple. It was pretty good.
"So why so far away?" She asked curiously at my distant placement from the others. I shrugged.
"I am allergic to happy couples." I snarkily said. "I am Forever Alone." Another bite of apple. The juice squirted me in the eye causing me to flinch and swear. Tonks zoned out for a second.
"Tonka" Remus waved his hand in front of her face e and she jumped back to reality.
"I net you I can find you someone." Tonks told me. I contemplated her offer.
"Okay, your on. If you do I'll be amazed." I took one last bite of my apple and walked out. Library here I come.


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