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Chapter 1


Dear Alexis,

So there are some people in my Art class at school who I thought were close friends but as soon as someone came back to school they like instantly like stopped talked to me and like we had to pick a group of no more then five people and that was exactly what we had before he came back but now Im left out and they keep trying to talk to me act like they don't know why Im upset and I want to let them know that I dont want fake friends drama-free but they are ALL drama starters how do I let them know but not have any drama?

~ Drama free

Hey Drama free

If they’re really your friends then I would tell them how you feel. If they actually care then maybe you can work it out with them. But if they really are drama creators then maybe you don’t want to have them around anyway. Their loss!!! Sometimes it’s not worth the fight when drama starters are never true friends anyway, and they will wait to turn on you when you least expect it. Better to be rid of it now then to have to deal with the consequences of their drama later on.

~ Alexis

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