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Chapter 1

The Salem Witch Trials

The first book I will be talking about is a story by Deathana. It is called The Salem Witch Trials. It's about a girl names Korra. Since Korra always loved to go into the forest and pick roses, her mother called her Rose. Rose's mother became very ill and Rose became very worried. She asks her wolf friends what sickness her mother has. One says she was the foamy-mouth sickness and can never be cured. Her mother gives her a necklace. She ends up dying. Korra is very sad she goes into the forest and sees an old lady named Lydia. Lydia tells Korra that she is a witch since her mother was one too. She teaches Korra the basics of spells. She gets in trouble for being a witch and got sentenced to be hanged. Her sister, Carol, told Korra that her husband, Hunter, forced her into telling everyone and that she is sorry. Korra and Carol used a spell to get Korra out of the cell. Korra, Carol, their dad, and Lydia all ended up being together.
Overall, I think I would rate the story.....

★ ★ ★ and 1/2

/The story had a very good plot but it could of been continued because the story is very short. The characters are developed very well and are used at a very good rate. A story about witches are rare so I am glad that there are a few out there! I recommended this!

Here is the link if you want read it:


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