Hey all you people! Hey all you people! Hey all you people won't you listen to me!

(yeah thats from spongebob)
Remember me? Yeah, I don't really come on that often but when I do I have to delete more than half my inbox because its pointless crap now and I just want to end this right now so I don't get any more freaking mail about it.

Chapter 1

Everything Currently a Hot Story Topic Here On Quibblo

1. I was gone for a while and I came back to find....a Quibblo riot? Really people? Is Quibblo charging us money? Is Quibblo causing our computers to explode? Is Quibblo selling our souls to the devil? No. Stop all this riot crap, if you dont like it here GUESS FREAKING WHAT! You don't have to stay here. Stop saying "oh I deleted all my stories they are now on this website. Well thats great, I didnt even read your story but now that message just wasted my time. Maybe thats why I'm never on anymore, everyone stopped making quizess and good stories. Can we get back to how it use to be? Meaning fun quizzes and actual stories, not random questions or stories about you current life and meaning less posts, thats what facebook is for. And if somebody wants to have a conversation message them, don't make a story and send it to everyone.

2. Reposts. Stop, just stop.

3. Stereotypes.
I'm going to settle this once and for all because I am on neither side and here's why. Stereotypes are lables people use because that is how our brian works. It is human nature to want to organize thoughts and the enviroment around us into groups. Is it fair? No, not really. Does everyone do it? Yes. All you people saying you hate stereotypes because people call you s1uts, think, do make fun of the "nerds" or the "creeps" or the "a$". And all you people who get mad when people call you goth or emo, think, didn't you just call those girls prepps? Even if you don't say it your mind thinks it and nobody can deny that.
Stereotypes can also be hurtful, also because of our lovely little brains. Because human beings are so much more complexed than emo, prep, nerd, slut. That emo might dress like that but they might also love disney movies, penguins and dance revolution. That prep might be girly and have lots of friends but she also likes playing modern warfare with her brother or snowboarding. That nerd might be really shy, quiet and smart but they might also go totally wild when not in school, like dark, evil topics, or listen to rap or hard core rock.
Everyone cries and feels terrible, that is not an emotion given only to emos. Everyone laughs and has fun, thats not limited from anyone.
Everyone can frown, anyone can smile. The one thing you have to do is not let it bother you. Don't judge a book by it's cover? Too late, human instincts react to the enviorment around them by what they see and hear. Its not about what people lable you, its how you see yourself. WHEN DID I FRIEND REQUEST PEOPLE YOU CAN'T BE WHO THEY ARE AND NOT CARE WHAT OTHERS THOUGHT! THATS RIGHT I THOUGHT SO, SO STOP CRYING ABOUT WHAT SOME IDIOT SAID BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW YOU! So stereotyping is just a part of life. You may not like it but hey, you don't like your period either.

That is all, thanks for reading my rant, please stop these absurd messages or at least not to me and lets get back to being fun and not full of people fighting over stupid point of views.


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