HP Character-Off (Twilight vs. Harry Potter)

This is my opinion and if you have a diffrent one please express it, but don't slander my own. Thank you.

Chapter 1

Cho vs. Ginny

Ok here I want to talk about the "girls" in Harrys life. Not really. More like how people think Cho is some girly girl and and sl/ut who will cry if she doesn't get what she wants.
In the books she is sorta wimpy but she isn't a sl/ut, but in the books I like Ginny a WHOLE lot more than her.
Ginny is tough nuggets, smart, and got swag.

The way Ginnys character is wrote in the book is genius. Starts out as sorta of the shy, weird girl who giggles alot. And then BAM!
she kicks as.s
But in the movies, I like Cho better than Ginny. For the record, in the fifth movie, Cho is forced to sell out the DA, because of Umbridge.

In the books it's her idiot friend. So really in the movies she is cool. She isn't a sl/ut and is pretty nice, and quite.
I absolutely dislike Ginny in the movies. When you think about it, Ginny cheats on Dean.

In the sixth movie, she kisses Harry in the Room of Requirment, and she HASN'T BROKEN UP WITH DEAN YET!!!

So....what does that tell you?? AND in the seventh movie she is such an awkward flirt!!!

She goes to Harry with her dress zipped down to her as.s and is like, "zip me up.". Euww.
Plus she isn't wearing a bra, or either has chicken boobs.

Amen to George Weasly who breaks that little nonsense up.

My point is that in the books Ginny is a strong women who doesn't back down and is loyal.
In the movies, I feel like they didn't make Ginny as good as she could of been. They made her worse.


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