We All Fall Down (a story for therobberduck521's contest)

Here is my story for therobberduck521's contest. Here is my image.

Chapter 1

How It Began

by: Harper_

"Emily! Emily! Come out to play!!" She said in a sing song voice. Chocolate brown eyes and honey blond locks, she was an wingless angel that graced earths surface. A voice as sweet as sugar, and a heart of gold. She would never hurt a fly. Everyone adored Emily. No one gave Tabitha a second look.
Emily skipped out of the house smiling.
"Hello Tabby! What do you want to do today? We could pick flowers for mum, or we could climb trees....." Emily droned on in her usual bubbly manner. Tabitha wasn't listening. Her pretty mind was filled with ugly thoughts. The pulsing vein in her sisters throat. The way it swellled as she spoke jubilantly. What would it be like, Tabitha wondered. What would happen if a sharpened blade were to slice across her pale, perfect skin. Would the blood clot, would it seep through my fingertips, would it spurt out, coating everything around in the thick youthful liquid. Would her suffering be slow and tortuous or quick and instant. Would she plead for mercy, say nothing at all? Maybe then...maybe then they would love me. Tabitha thought. Maybe if she was gone....
"Tabby? Tabby, what do you want yo do?" Emily jarred her sister out of her dark imagination.
"How about....we go pick roses."

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