Haterz: An original song

We're rapping in this song. This song is by me and Toxic Beatz (A.K.A RainbowChaos) And don't even THINK about coping!!! Hope ya like it! ;D

Chapter 1


TB: Yeah, so this is Toxic Beatz here to tell you about somethin' goin' on, you ready? Let's go. Sittin' in my room thinkin' 'bout the day I'll get famous. I don't hold back, no, so people even call me tameless. Cuz I'm stayin' in the game and you can't take me out so go on to your corner and pout cuz it's my dream and mine to follow solo. This was Toxic Beatz givin' you a thought on haterz and dreamz.

Me (Skittlez): Hey! Yeah, now Skittlez in the game and I'm one of the best. Better than the rest. The beat is like the heartbeat in my chest. I'm a master of rhymes, check my file. No one's safe cuz there's No Chrurch In The Wild. You the fish and my rapping is the bait. You know what they say: Haters Gon' Hate. My dreams is big, and these haters tryin' to break my spirit. But naw, I'll hand your words back to you on a skillet. I'm gonna get in the game, stay in the game. But everything will stay the same. I'll be on-stage, hearing people chant my name. Ya haters betta move on, then it'll be On To The Next One like Jay. So don't be scared, don't be mad, cuz you wish you had everything I have. Don't you wish had all the power like Ye? You haters can kick rocks, cuz I'm on top. My album gonna drop, it's gonna drop it like it's hot. So all yall haters: watcha gonna do now? I'm gonna do whatever I wanna do. Yup, I'm cool now before, and forevermore. So when I see you on the street, I'm gonna be like Chris Brown and say, "Look At Me Now". I'm gone.

Comment if you like it!!! :}D


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