A Mindless Behavior and Undefined Beauty Chronicle

This story is full of surprises
Undefined Beauty is a group I'm in.
This story reveals things about Mindless Behavior no one has ever known except their families. The secrets have been kept amongst each other's families, which means the boys don't know about their "secrets". What happens when they meet girls that are just like them? Read the story to find out what happens.
I will have a series coming out! It's not a book it's just chapters I write for fun and interest

Chapter 3

The Beginning: What's Going On Pt. 2

by: Arrielle
Yanna's P.O.V

After telling the girls what I was told to tell them, I went to the kitchen and waited for them to come over. After waiting for 10 minutes, they came. I got up and answered the door. They came in and we went to my room. We all sat on the floor. I noticed that the girls were a little too quiet. I looked at Asha because she is usually the loud one. She finally said "Okay, something weird has happened to us. We don't know if it happened to you too, but-" I cut her off and said "Wait, what happened?" Asha looked at Arriele. Arriele stood up and showed me the signs on her sides. She had one on her left side and one on her right side. They were stars. I gasped and said "What happened?" She spoke in a low voice " Well after our meeting, I went home and went to sleep. An hour later, I woke up with sharp pains in both of my sides. It felt something was marking on me. I tried to get out the bed but I fell on the floor. I crawled to the bathroom to check my sides. I looked at my sides in the mirror and saw these signs." I was devistated. Asha then said "The weird thing is, Arriele has a star on both of her sides. Me and Koele only have one star and that's on our left side." I was shocked. Arriele then said "There's two things we need to know, and one of them is to know if you have any signs." I hesitated but I finally gathered the courage to look at my sides. When I looked, I saw one sign and it was on my left side, just like Koele and Asha. They looked at me and gasped. Koele then said "Oh my gosh, you have it too!" I was still shocked. We heard the doorbell ring. We all went to the front room. They sat down and I answered the door. It was our grandmothers. I let them in. Everyone hugged each other. Everyone was sitting down except for me. I stood there thinking. My grandmother looked at me and said "What's wrong sweetheart? Why aren't you sitting down?" My eyes began to water. I didn't know how to tell her this and plus she wouldn't beilieve me. I looked at Arriele. Arriele looked at my grandmother and said "Well, she is overwhelmed by something we have all discovered about ourselves." My grandmother looked at her and said "Well honey, what did y'all discover?" Arriele stood up and said "Well, we discovered pulls shirt up a little and shows her the signs these signs. I have a star on my right and left side. Asha, Koele, and Yanna have only one star which is on their left sides." Arriele's grandmother gasped and said " I think it's time, Diana. I know their parents don't want them to know but they have to know." All of our grandmothers' looked at each other. My grandmother sighed and said "Girls sit on the floor in front of me. I have something very important to tell you." The girls and I sat in front of her. She then began to tell the story.

"Hundreds of years ago, there was an Indian tribe called the 'Chronicles'. They believed in magic and wonderful things and creatures. They also believed in fighting for the good. They had enemies which were the vampires, werewolves, and witches. The 'Chronicles' had one ally, and that was the dryads. They were at war until a deep dark group of people called the 'Meehts' tried to take over the world. The 'Chronicles' were strong but not strong enough to beat the 'Meehts'. Neither were the vampires, werewolves, witches, or dryads. So they all decided to join forces. They tried to fight the 'Meehts' but everyone was off track and the coordination wasn't right. After loosing to the 'Meehts' the group went back to their little hideout. A smart Indian named Icis came up with a great idea. The idea was for the Vampires, Werewolves, Dryads, Witches, and Chronicles to merge their powers into eight of the youngest Chronicle memebers. They used the idea. When they merged their powers it created a star on the left side of six of the kids, but the other two had two stars. Those two stars represents the ultimate power. Just so you know four of the kids were girls and the other four were boys. Every generation has eight powerful children. The powers have been passed down to you ladies. All you need to do is find the four boys. If all eight of you meet there is a possibility that y'all can save the world from it's doom. The Indian spirits will lead you to the four boys. I am pretty sure you know them. The last thing you need to know, is that when you turn 14 your powers will kick in. " The girls and I sat there shocked. Koele then said "So that means that Arriele has the ultimate power?" My grandmother smiled and said "Yes, and when y'all meet the 4 boys, one of them will have two stars just like Arriele. Also the one that has two stars like Arriele will be her husband in the future. The rest of you guys will get married to the ones with one star." We looked at Arriele. She just sat there with her mouth wide open. Her grandmother noticed and said "Child, close your mouth before a fly flies in it." Arriele closed her mouth and after thinking she said "Umm, what is my job as the one wiith the ultimate power?" My grandmother smiled at her and said "You will lead your nation, bring peace to the world, and fight for all that is right. You also have two additional powers that the other girls don't have. You have the power to persuade and freeze time " Arriele smiled and said " Wow, I can do all of that!!!" My grandmother then said "Whatever you do, do not tell y'alls mothers about our little conversation. We are going to tell them when the time is right, because they will try to stop it from happening." The girls and I nodded. Asha stopped her thoughts and said "Wait! Do y'all have powers?" My grandmother smiled and said "Yes, we do! Also your parents have powers. Each of your moms were apart of it, and so were your fathers!" Asha and Arriele smiled. Koele then said "Prove it!" My grandmother closed her eyes and put her hands in the air. We all saw a purple ball of lightining build in her hands. It got bigger and bigger until it almost touched the ceiling. She then pointed it towards Arriele and realeased it. Arriele caught it with her hands and made it disappear. We all gasped including Arriele. My grandmother smiled and said "I knew it was possible." We then looked at each other and shrugged. The girls and I went back to my room. We all sat on the floor and started to discuss the situation. Asha started the conversation, "So how does it feel to know that we have powers?" I looked at her and said "I still don't believe it! I mean how did we not know this?" Koele smiled and said "Wow, this is great. I don't care about not having the ultimate powers! I'm just thankful that I got powers." Arriele giggled and said "It feels wonderful! Also to know that I have the ultimate powers! What if Mindless Behavior were the four boys with the powers?" I laughed and said "Oh my goodness, that would be awesome. I mean we are meeting them on our birthdays." Asha then said "Yeah I would get to marry Roc. Arrie would get to marry Princeton. Koele would get to marry Prodigy. Yanna would marry Ray Ray. It would be awesome." Koele and I looked at her. She then said "Sorry just a thought." Arriele then said "Well you never know what could happen!"

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