A Mindless Behavior and Undefined Beauty Chronicle

This story is full of surprises
Undefined Beauty is a group I'm in.
This story reveals things about Mindless Behavior no one has ever known except their families. The secrets have been kept amongst each other's families, which means the boys don't know about their "secrets". What happens when they meet girls that are just like them? Read the story to find out what happens.
I will have a series coming out! It's not a book it's just chapters I write for fun and interest

Chapter 2

The Beginning: What's Going On

by: Arrielle
Yanna's P.O.V
Arriele, Asha, Koele, and I were at Arriele's house, in her room. We were just sitting there when Arriele started talking. "Lately I have been having dreams about the number 14." Koele said "Well we are turning 14 soon. Our birthdays are in one week!" Asha then said "Don't you find it weird that all of our birthdays are October 16th?" I replied "When it comes down to it, it is kind of wierd." Arriele said " I know this is random, but when I first met y'all there was this connection...like I knew y'all my whole life...kinda like y'all were my sisters." We all looked at her. I then said " You felt that way too?!" Asha smiled and said " Oh my goodness, I felt the same way!!" Koele smiled too and said "Woooah me too!!" Everyone just looked at each other and I said "You don't think we are sisters do you?" We all pondered and then said in unison "Nahhhh." Asha then gasped and said "You guys do realize that the Mindless Behavior concert is on our birthday right?" Arriele's eyes got wide and she said "Oh my dude, I forgot about that!" We all looked at her and I said "What did we tell you about saying "Oh my dude" ?" She then said "Sorry it slips sometimes." We continued talking until all of a sudden the light in the room cut out. We heard Arriele's parents complain about the lights in the house. We looked out side to see the sky turning gray. We all reached into our pockets and took our phones out. Our phones lit the room. I looked up at the light and then back outside. The sky had cleared up. The lights had cut back on. I then said "Wow that was extremely weird. I think the girls and I should head home so that our families won't be worried." Arrie then said "Yeah, I agree. Do you guys want me to walk y'all home?" I replied "Arrie did you forget we all live down the street from each other?" Arrie smiled and said "No...well...kinda haha." I laughed and so did the othere girls. We told Arriele bye and we all headed home.

-The next day-
Arriele's P.O.V

Grrrrrrrrrr stomache rumbles
I woke up at 3:00 a.m to my stomache growling. I then got up and went to the kitchen. I fixed my self something to eat. After I ate I went back to my room and layed in my bed awake, thinking about October 16th. I knew in my heart something mysterious but serious would happen. I just couldn't figure out what it was! After thinking for more than 7 minutes I was about to fall asleep until I got a text from Asha.

Text Convo.
Asha: Meet me at the intersection
Arriele: Why? What's the problem
Asha: It will answer all our questions, so come outside now!
Arriele: Okay, I'm coming

End of Text Convo.

I put on some sweatpants over my pajamas and put on some ugg boots. I grabbed my hoodie on the way outside.

Yanna's P.O.V
I woke up to the sound of my phone. I got a text from Asha saying to meet her at the intersection. I didn't want to but I did. I put on some sweatpants and some ugg boots. I grabbed my hoodie on the way out

Koele's P.O.V

I was laying down in my bed wide awake thinking about how much the girls and I have in common. I hope they don't think I'm crazy but deep down in my heart I think we knew each other before we met. I just don't know how. It all adds up but then it doesn't. I am beginning to think we are different from others. I then recieved a text from Asha telling me to meet her at the intersection. I put on some sweatpants and ugg boots. I grabbed a hoodie and left.

Arriele's P.O.V
As I was walking the wind got colder and colder. I continued until I got to the intersection. When I reached the intersection I saw the girls. They had on the same thing I had on. I ran over to where they were. I saw Asha standing between Koele and Yanna with a box. I looked at the box and then Asha and said "What's that and why couldn't we meet at one of your houses?" Asha replied "Well...because this box has something secretive in it. I haven't looked in side but I know it is because it was in the attic and my parents told me to never go into the attic. Also it has the number 14 on it." I looked at Koele and Yanna. They just shook their heads. Asha noticed them so she said "Okay then lets go to the hideout and go through this box. We all ran to the hideout (which is a little place we built when we were 7) and as we were runnning I noticed our speed increasing, just like......vampires. When we reached the hideout, we went inside. Asha locked the door and Yanna turned the heat on. We all sat down around the box. I pondered and said "Wait... this doesn't seem right. I mean your parents probably have a great explanation for this. I mean if they wanted you or us to see it they would have shown us a long time ago." Asha then said "Arrie what if this gives us a clue about why we are so close and why our birthdays are the same day and why we are so similar." I replied "But it had a 14 on the box, what if we aren't supposed to see this until we are 14." She smiled and said "That's next week so, why not just peek." I shook my head and said "No, because when you say peek you mean look, touch, and experiment." She laughed and said "You know me so well...clears throat anyways...don't you want to know about us and why we are like we are?" I pondered again and said "Well it would be nice to know why we are so similar." Asha smiled and said "That's my girl." I sighed and said "Just open THE BOX!" She quickly opened the box. When she opened the box, a breeze blew the door open and somehow carried the box out and slammed the door back. All of our eyes were wide and we just sat there in shock. I then said, still in shock "Oh my dude, what just happened." Koele then said while looking at the door "Ummm I have no idea, but I am going home." I agreed and so did Yanna. Asha sighed and said " FINE!! But we just this makes a centimeter with her 2 fingers close. I shook my head. We all ran home. When I got home I noticed that no one was woke so I locked the door and snuck back to my room. I took off the boots and sweatpants and got back in to my bed. I went straight to sleep.

-Later on that day-

Yanna's P.O.V

I was sitting down on my bed thinking, when my mom walked in with a serious face. I looked at her and said nervously "H-Hi m-mom how are y-you doing?" My mom looked at me and said "I am very digusted with your behavior. I heard about your late night trip....." I then looked down. She continued "I am leaving now and I won't be back until Oct 15th. We will talk then." I nodded and said "Yes, Ma'am." She then said "Oh, and tell the girls that their parents know about y'all little outting. Also tell them that their parents will be joining your father and I on our...ummm...trip." I nodded and said "So I will be here alone right?" She shook her head and said "No, you and the girls grandmothers' will be here in a little bit so be sure to let the girls know." I nodded and said "Okay Mom, bye I love you." She kissed my forehead and said "I love you too sweetheart. Be good for your grandmother and try not to believe everything she tells you." I nodded and said "Okay, have fun." She smiled and said "Oh, I will." She then left my room. My father then walked in and kissed my forehead. He then said "Bye sweetie. I want you to take care of things while I am gone." I nodded and said "I will and don't forget to lock the door behind you." He smiled and said "I won't." They then left. I sent each of the girls a text telling them what my mom told me to tell them.

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