A Mindless Behavior and Undefined Beauty Chronicle

This story is full of surprises
Undefined Beauty is a group I'm in.
This story reveals things about Mindless Behavior no one has ever known except their families. The secrets have been kept amongst each other's families, which means the boys don't know about their "secrets". What happens when they meet girls that are just like them? Read the story to find out what happens.
I will have a series coming out! It's not a book it's just chapters I write for fun and interest

Chapter 1

The Powerful Characters

by: Arrielle
Arriele, Yanna, Asha, Koele- These young ladies make up the singing group Undefined Beauty. The boys Princeton, Ray Ray, Prodigy, and Roc make up the group Mindless Behavior. I don't want to give the story away so I am just going to give y'all a small detail. These characters are different from humans, thats all I'm saying. Read and enjoy the story!

(Their names have been diguised)

P.S. Sorry for all the talking

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