What We've Learned From Chatzy :P

Me, Julie, and...a bunch of others made up this list.


Chapter 1

I love "yew"

So, these first few are typos we made up.

1) Dink
2) Humps out of window
3) Fvcks quickly
4) Majot
5) Freexing
6) Strips and falls
7) Smap
8) Tittles

Then come the actual rules...

9) Never trust cookies in case there is a love potion in them.
10) Don't use voodoo dolls. Just don't. You'll be scarred.
11) If you want a spot in the Room of Requirement and Astoria and Draco are around, you better book it in advance.
12) Narcissa Riddle is a drunk so don't give her firewhisky
13) Mamber is the snexiest ever!
14) This is the creeper smile: :) It is highly suggested that you don't use it. (You would only get that if you've been on Chatzy.)
15) Stay away from Creeper Harry
16) Julie's a mesbo
17) Typos rule and we fail at them epically
18) Typos make the best nicknames
19) Apparently Mamber's job is to make awkward comments about the gay guys we know
20) Mambi is the most snexiest sparkling fairy ever
21) Harry Potter likes shiny things
22) I feel infinite
23) Reading is cool
24) We can try all we want to leave the "Anything Harry Potter" chat room, but we're always drawn back to it.
25) It's fun to type with your eyes closed
26) Don't clear the [box] room!
27) She means fvcking
28) We used to use boxes to hide cuss words; now we use them just to be annoying
29) Pillows make excellent beds, walls, floors, polls...and most especially, forts.
30) Never insult JK Rowling
31) Let's always be stupid, forever!
32) Good grammar is sexy
33) "You're only as strong as the tables you dance with, the potions you mix, and the friends you roll with"
34) Julie is such a fail -.-
35) Noni is a spazzy spaz
36) There is a difference between a teddy bear and a pedobear.
37) Staplers, if used correctly, can be lethal
38) It's not House of Anubis (though I respect Egyptians greatly) but House of Anus
39) The proper spelling is "yew"
40) Julie is arguable about that last rule
41) It's okay to be a Grammar Nazi; just don't go too far
42) How 'bout them Chudley Cannons?
43) "Stoopid" can be the proper spelling
44) Chatzy is a murderer
45) (:D) has horrible teeth
46) Crucio heals you.


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