This is to my everyone

Chapter 1

When I get a job I will help people :)

I don't know think anyone wil care if I tell them what I am thinking, I am thinking about helping people who need help and a place to live but I don't have a job or my own house yet, when I get my own house it be a big house, and I will not live in it I will let people stay for long as they need to but I cant yet I have to be in school, when I am done in schoo I will get a job and safe up some money to help people in need of help :) and I don't know if anyone will care if I do this but I will try my best to do it I will not lie I will do as I say and do my best to help people. When I am 18 I will get a job and safe my money and give some money to who needs it :) if you think its a good let me know in comments :)

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