What Don't Forget Your Ammo characters think of lastwolf

Chapter 1



Chet: She called me the most normal of the group :) Is that a good thing? Oh well. Meredith is really funny and we're good friends :D She tends to send her cossack after us sometimes though.....She handles the zombies well and she has these wolves following her around.....O.o oh well, she loves wolves and I'll respect that fact :) She doesn't show her feelings often...

Godfrey:....>:|.....she likes to make me angry to starters, she hates zombies (I hate them too though), she doesn't like it when I steal her jacket, and last of all, she just down right hates that I use her as bait :P She's a but sarcastic and not as dry as I expect normal people to be...She just likes to have fun and fun...my definition is shooting a gun :P

Pike: We don't really know each other that well but that can change later right? (me: Nope...well maybe) :P She's ok I guess, I'm not as close to her as she is with Chet but over time I'll get to know her better. As long as she doesn't really like Godfrey I'm cool with her :P (me: she doesn't not like Godfrey, she just annoys him for fun) Oh...Well her cossack attacked me a few times in the past....>:| I'm not too happy about that...

Stanton: I annoy her as she annoys Godfrey ^.^ She doesn't like me at all but who said that you'd have to like me to deal with me? :P This one time she set one of her buddies and the russian ninja on me and I looked like a zombie afterwards....she doesn't like to get in people's way that much but she does every once in a while...(me: Ok that wasn't too nice) >:P


So it seems to me that Chet's your really good friend, Godfrey is a frenemy, Pike thinks you're ok, Stanton likes to tease you and the zombies think brains. In all you have a best friend, frenemy, distant friend, and another frenemy, oh and some enemies that think brains. Hope you enjoyed :D


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