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Chapter 1

My first rant!

First off I'm so f^^^ing pissed right now! Why? Because I 'm working on my algebra homework and it is impossible to find the right answer! Plus I'm watching my autistic little brother who keeps going to the f^^^ing bathroom every 5 seconds, and keeps eating paper! Also mad at my algebra teaher who gave us a lot of homework that you can't find the right f^^king answer to!Plus these two girls at my school pick on me just cause i'm a little cubby or " revolting"as they say. Also i f^^^ing hate my dad right now cause he cares more about his work than his own family! He even told my older brother that he hates him and my mom! And I think his starting to hate me too.crying I feel like sh@# I just want to kill myself so i don't have to live this messed up life!

Sorry if that was a bit depressing you guys,but i just need some help right now.

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