It Will Rain

This is just a couple different stories about the boys in our lives. Enjoy!
Name: Liz
Age: 18
Description: Brown hair, Blue eyes, 5'5", funny, smart, singer, loud.
Name: Ashley
Age: 18
Description: Blue eyes, brown hair, 5'5", funny, smart, musician, singer.
Hi i'm Ashley. Liz is my best friend. Our teacher, Nemo, put us next to eachother in class. (probably a mistake) since we couldn't talk we started a notebook. This story comes from there. It is based on reall people. shall we?

Chapter 1

Under the Sea

Jackson, tall, baby face, big brown eyes, short brown hair, muscular, footballer

We call him goldfish...get it?

Ashley's tale :)

Setting: Sociology class, MHS, spring 2012, sunny and warm.

"Okay so who are you going to prom with?" Liz asked me with a big smile.
"I don't know. No one asked me yet..." I reply

I hear footsteps and look backwards over my shoulder. Goldfish is walking towards me with his beautiful brown eyes.

"Hey ash." He begins.
"Hi Jackson. What's up?"
"Not much...I heard you need an escort."
"An escort?"
"You know, for prom."
"Oh you mean a date." I smiled.
"Yeah. Well I'd be happy to oblige."

The bell rings and goldfish joins Romeo and Money (later chapters) and walks out.

"Shut up Liz."
"You guys are gonna be so cute."

Later at home.

"Hey ash."
"Oh hey jack."
"So I wanted to know what color your dress is."
"It's purple."
"Do you mind if I come over and see it."
"No not at all."
"Okay see you soon."

This is the dress:

I hear the doorbell moments later.

"Come on in."

Jackson and I walk up to my room. I pull out the dress and I can tell he loves it.

"Wow. That's really purple."
"I love it!"
"Thank you."
"So Friday at five then?"
"Friday at five." I say and smile.


"So tonight is the night! How excited are you?"
"I am very excited. Goldfish is so cute! Well how about you going with Teddy Bear and all?"
"I can't wait!"
"Okay so the limo will be here with you guys at five fifteen for photographs right?"
"See you then!"
"Sounds good." Liz replies and hangs up.

I start curling my hair and putting my make-up on. I got some really cute purple eyeliner and purple eyeshadow. It's a quarter to five and I'm not quite ready yet. I pull out my dress and take a before glance of it. I'm ready.

I see Jackson pull up and get out of the car. Five o'clock on the dot. I had just finished everything. I picked up my "Be Enchanted" perfume by Taylor Swift and sprayed some on.

"You must be Jackson, please come in."
"Ashley should be down in a moment."
"Okay thank you."

I grab my heels, my purse and the tickets. I slip into my shoes and look at the clock, five oh five. Perfect.

I walk out towards the stairs and see him standing at the bottom in a white tux with a purple tie. I walk down the stairs and see him look at me. He looks awestruck.

"Wow you loook great."
"Thanks so do you."

He pulls out the corsage. It's purple and yellow, Perfect. I see the limo pull up.

"Ready?" Jackson holds out his arm.
"Absolutely." I grab his arm as we walk outside.
"Wow you look beautiful."
"Me? So do you!"

The picture taking starts. There are camera's everywhere. My mom and dad ask for a couple of just me, me and goldfish and me and liz. When all are done, we head into the limo. We arrive at the dance around seven. As we get out of the car we see all the lights and we know this will be a great night. The night ends with a few tears but lots of fun.

"That was great!"
"Yeah it was."
"Do you think he is going to ask you out?"
"Oh Ash, I don't know."
"Having fun yet?" Goldfish breaks the conversation.
"Yes I am. Are you?"
"Of course, I'm glad I could get to you to ask you about Prom before someone else did."
"Me too."
"Ashley, will you go out with me?"
"I thought you'd never ask. Yes."

That was the night of romance, friends and fun. A night that changes everyone and everything. A night of dreams and a night of true reality. That one night in high school that regardles of what or who you are in high school, you CHANGE.

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