Darkness Unseen .::CityOfEmberFanFic::.

Yeeh, just take the damn thing.
Vindette "Vinny" Di Monte
Parents died [trying to find a way out], she lives with Doon and his father now
Dark brown dirty hair to waist
Has weird disease from lack of sun, which made her blind. The cure is seeing the sun again, feeling the vitamin D seep into her blodstream! [i call it Piliasus]

Chapter 1

Assignment Day

"Vin! Vinny, wake up!" I groaned and rolled over.

"Goway," I yawned. "Sleeping."

"Open your eyes and get up!"

"Chyah! Like that'll help."

"We're going to be late if you dont get up."

"For what?"

"The Assignment Day, remember? We were going to work in the generator together." I sat up, opening my eyes to more darkness.

"Well, you were, i was just going to follow you around, like i always do."

"Right, well lets go."

"I need to get ready first." I heard him sigh and start brushing my hair.

"This thing is a mess."

"You forgot to brush it for the past week," I pointed out. "Get me some clothes, forget my hair."

"Just a sec." I felt him put a headband on my head. "There we go."

"Yeah, thats so much better. Get me clothes!" I sat there as i heard him rustle around my drawer.

"Arms." I lifted my arms and felt my pajama shirt slide off, and a new shirt slide on.

"Yarn. Lina's gran make this?"

"Yes." He went to take off my pants and i stopped him.

"Im fine with pajama pants. Get my vest and lets go!" He pulled it over me and we ran out of the house.

"Bye, Doon, bye Vindette! Have a good day!"

"You too, dad." I knew he wasnt really my dad, but i called him that anyways. I thought about what my parents sounded like, while Doon pulled me through the crowds of Ember. We finally got to the ceremony and lined up with the others. When the mayor got to us, i could tell he had the bag in front of me.

"Little girl? Take one, please." Then Doon put his hand on my shoulder.

"Im sorry, Mayor, but she'll be with me. She..... kinda cant see."

"Right, ok. Well then, young man, its your turn." Doon took his hand off of my shoulder and I heard his hand rustle through the papers. Then I heard the mayor walk past us to the other kids.

I leaned over to Doon. "So," I whispered. "What'd we get?"

"Messenger," He said, dissapointed.

"Isn't that what Lina wanted?"


"Oh, lovely, wonder if she got engineer? We could trade," I said. "It'd be kinda hard for me to get messages from place to place, now wouldn't it?"

"Yeah... We'll find out later."

It was later. I was leaning against a wall, waiting for Doon to find a better job. Then I heard someone walk up to me. "Hey, Vinny-"

"Don't call me that, Kryse. Only my friends can call me that," I sighed. "What do you want?"

"Wanna go out?"

"I don't know, let me see what you look like," I motioned for him to come closer and I felt his face. He felt handsome enough. Although it's not looks I was after. I couldn't even see, and I don't think I'd be feeling up faces all the time. So I slapped him. "You've asked me so many times, dude. Even ask me again, and you'll be beaten so much worse." Then I heard someone else come over.


"Oh, hey, Doon," I said casually. "You can leave now, Kryse," He did and I turned to where I thought Doon was. "You find us a better job?"

"Yeah, Lina traded with us. It's not the generator, but it'll do."

"Great, so where are we?"

"How about we leave that as a surprise?" I groaned as he led me some place.

"You know I hate surprises!"

"Why do you think I'm doing this, then?"

"Gah! You are infuriating!"

"And you think you're not?"

"No. I'm perfect." I said.

"How do you know? Maybe you're the ugliest girl in the world, and you wouldn't know."

"Well, that's rude," I stuck my tongue out at him. "I'll be having an image of me being ugly in my mind now, thanks!" He laughed hugging me from the side.

"You're not ugly, I promise. You are just really fun to bug." I rolled my eyes as he let go and started walking again.


**Sorry for the Short Chapter Dx I promise the others will be much longer**


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