Story For Free_Wolfs Picture Contest : The Fox

Picture; Fox.

Chapter 1

The Fox

A small figure darted across the forest, running on four legs. It's speed was quite amazing, most likely because of its small size. The creature kept running, never stopping, for it could hear the sound of hounds barking and running clumsly behind it. Even so, the fox was starting to lose his breathe, having run for so long. He knew that he had to find a spot to hide and soon. Thoughts raced through his mind, of every single hiding place he had ever been to. Suddenly, he remembered the hole that was dug in a cliff by the river bed, which flooded every time it rained.
"Please.." he thought to himself, running harder. "Please, don't be flooded!"
Suddenly, he heard gunshots behind him. He pushed himself, running faster then he ever had before. Up ahead, he saw the river bed, the water flowing across it lazily. Turning the sharp corner around the cliff, he saw with glee, that the hole was not flooded. Rushing inside, he quickly started to dig, making it deeper. As soon as he turned around, he was welcomed by the faces of two, old, ugly Basset hounds, both of them snarling and barking.
"Did you find 'em, boys?" he could hear a human, male voice say, the accent thick.
Remaining in the very back of the hole, he let out a small whimper, never ceasing to take his gaze off the hounds.
"Well?" the man said again, impatient. "Did you find that fox, or are you two so old you're worthless?"
The fox couldn't help but smirk at this. It was pretty bad when your owner thought you were worthless because you were old. But, then again, it was also pretty bad having an owner. The fox couldn’t imagine why some animals stayed with the humans. Never being free to roam the forests, nevering feeling the call of the hunt, never sleeping under the moon in warm, summer nights….
"Come on you two!" the man yelled, as he grabbed and picked up both the hounds by the collars and knocking the fox out of his small day dreams.
They both yelped, whining, knowing that the fox was in the hole. The fox, in turn, smirking.
"See?" he thought to himself. "Humans never believe you; even when you're right about something."
"Then again..." he mused with a smirk. "Why should you believe in humans? This is why I show no pity for you..letting yourself get tame...chained up..."
The fox yawned, suddenly realizing how tired he was. His body ached from running and hitting branchs and thorns. Sighing, he looking outside the hole, his ears perked up high, listening for every single sound. After a few more minutes of this, he walking out of the hole, stretching his long body. Padding up to the waters edge, he peered down, seeing his shimmery reflection.
The fox would be considered 'handsome' with his orange pelt, yellow under belly and black legs, or 'stockings' as some called them. His tail was long and bushy, as was his pelt and his ears were black tipped.
Frowing, the fox leaned down, flicking his tongue against the water. His figure disappeared for the time being. Standing back, he looked around the forest. All was calm, not leaving a trace of the chase that had just happened. Then again, it was always like that in the forest; something big might happen, but in the end, the forest was bigger and would knock it down.
The fox smiled, inspite of himself; he secretly loved the fact that the woods could so that; knock something big into something small, no, something unimportant.
Sighing, the fox sat down, licking at a small cut on his paw pad. He knew that it would end up stinging for the next few days, but there was no helping it. He sat down, closing his yellow eyes. The sounds of the forest seemed to swallow him, carrying him into a dream...
The sudden sound of a twig snapping awoke him for the forest. Jumping up, his fur bristling, he turned toward the sound. A female fox, around his age, walked out of the under brush, her pelt being much like the male foxes only for the fact that she had socks instead of stockings.
"Oh..." he said slowly, sitting down, yet keeping his guard up. "Who are you?"
"Shyla..." she said slowly, her voice small but sweet. "And you are?"
"Alex." he answered Shyla, flashing a small smile.
"Do you mind if I join you?" Shyla asked, tilting her head.
"Sure, go ahead." Alex nodded.
Shyla walked slowly over next to Alex, sitting down beside him. Alex smelled the flowers on her pelt. Like a lilly. He watched as she stretched down, lapping up the water slowly. He couldn't help but feel his heart pound lightly.....

Could this be the start of something...something more?


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