Dusty Fingers

My thanks goes to Cameron for the story idea. He wanted me to write this story so I decided to give it a try. I hope it doesn't turn out to bad thanks so much and enjoy.

Chapter 2


Dusty awoke the next morning to the sound of his alarm. Hitting it with his fists it silenced. Yawning he opened his eyes to see an unbelievable sight all over his floor. His floor was covered in dirt piles. Every which way he looked. Dusty tried to figure out how they must have gotten there but he couldn't even remember how he even got home last night.
"Mom" he screamed. His mother came busting into his room. "What on earth is going on in here." "I don't know that's what I'm trying to figure out." "Well you better be doing something clean up this mess right now young man and you better do some explaining when you are finished." "But Mom that's what I'm trying to say." "Now" his mother said interrupting him.
Dusty just couldn't figure it out. He cleaned up the mess got dressed and went downstairs to try and explain it to his Mom. He needed to think of something so he wouldn't get grounded. His story ended up being that he decided to experiment and make an indoor ant farm. His Mom didn't like that idea to much but it did prevent him from being officially grounded.

On his way to school he passed an alleyway and saw this mugger beating up an elderly woman. Dusty wanted to do something but what could a kid like him possibly do. His fingertips started to tingle. All of the sudden this cloud of dust started to form around him. "What is this," Dusty said to himself coughing ever so slightly. He looked down to try to shield his eyes from the dust that was continuing to form. He was shocked to see that the dust was coming from his fingertips. Scared he threw his hands forward and it knocked right into the mugger. He was down for the count. Dusty couldn't believe his eyes. What ever just happened here all he wanted to do was get away from is as far as possible. He ran the rest of the way to the school.

Out of breath Dusty saw his best friend Pete. "What's up man you look like you just ran a marathon or something," said Pete. "Something like that," Dusty replied gasping for air. Pete patted him on the back. "Come on we have to get to class." They walked to their class just in time before the bell rang.
Dusty's mind was replaying the mornings events over and over. He just couldn't help but wonder what had happened back in that alleyway. Finally school came to an end and Dusty was ready to go back to where this whole thing started. He found himself back at the ally. His mind was racing. He wanted so bad to know how he managed to do that earlier with his fingers. Staring at the alleyway he figured he would get some sort of reaction but nothing. He even pointed his arms straight out in the same position and still nothing.
"I have to do this I know I couldn't have been imagining what happened" he said aloud. He tried once more and nothing again. Dusty decided it was time to give up and go home. He must have been imagining things after all.

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