Angel (Not a Fan-Fic) CONTINUED!

The original story is on my old account, KrazyAngel11. Anyway, the basic information for the character.
Ivy Dove
Looks: Honey-blond hair, bright green eyes, tan skin, very pretty.
Friends: Rachi, Cole.
Hesitant Allies: Onyx.
Enemies: Dark Angels.

Looks: White-blond hair, stormy blue eyes, very pretty.
Friends: Ivy, Cole.
HA: Onyx.
Boyfriend: Fang.
Enemies: Dark Angels.

Looks: White-blond hair, stormy blue eyes.
Friends: Rachi, Ivy.
HA: Onyx.
Enemies: Dark Angels.

Chapter 1

School? Really?

(I'll also put Onyx and Fang's description.
Looks: Jet-black hair, icy blue eyes, pale skin, pretty.
Friends: Um...what?
HA: Ivy, Rachi, Cole. I hate them, however.
Enemies: Everyone. I work for myself.

Looks: Jet-black hair, black eyes, tan skin, handsome.
Friends: I don't really have any...Dark Angels aren't the best of company.
HA: The Dark Angels.
Girlfriend: Rachi...even though I'm a Dark Angel...she doesn't know it.
Enemies: Kind of everyone, because I was born to hate the True Angels, and the Dark Angels are evil. I'd rather not be a a Dark Angel. A True Angel would be better, or even a human!

Read on!)

I yawned and blinked open my eyes, ending up staring right into someone's face. "AHHH!" I screeched, bolting upright.
"OW!" Rachi protested. I'd accidentally hit her head with mine when I freaked out.
"Oh, sorry Rachi!" I said.
"I was just going to wake you up." said Rachi, annoyed.
"Oh. Why?"
"Is that like school?" I asked suspiciously.
"School? Really?"
"Yes, really. There's only, like, five people though. You know all of them but one."
"I do? Who do I know?"
"Um, me, Cole, Onyx, and you. You're going to meet Onyx's sister, Ruby."
"Is Ruby anything like Onyx?" I asked after a moment. Rachi laughed.
"No, thank God. Ruby's a Novice; not the best at training, but one of the sweetest angels you'll ever meet. And that's saying something." Rachi unfolded her wings and leaped out a window. That was going to take some getting used to...I unfolded my wings, and leaped out as well.
If I thought flying during the night was amazing, flying during the day was absolutely breathtaking. Sunlight reflecting through the clouds, other angels flying around (not too many, just a few), and you could see others on the ground. Ground...
"Yeah?" she said, turning her head towards me. She kept flying, not bumping into anything. I decided it wasn't a good idea to try that.
"Where are we? We're not on Earth."
"No, we're in an alternate universe."
"Don't worry, it's the same thing, only much, much smaller. Only True Angels can get in here. Well, except for once." She shuddered.
"What happened?" I asked softly, afraid of the answer.
"My parents were killed." she sighed after a moment. "Some Dark Angels tried to take me, but I fought and broke free. Still pretty horrifying, though."
"Sounds like it." I said, eyes wide.
"But, all it gave me was a pure hate of Dark Angels. It's not like I'm mentally scarred or anything." she said with a grin.
"Are you sure?" I asked jokingly.
"Nope!" she said with a serious look on her face. I stared at her for a second before she burst out laughing. "Just kidding!"
"Oh, good." I sighed in relief. "What do we even learn in school?"
"You'll have to find out yourself." she told me. "Because I still don't understand half of what our teacher tries to tell me!"
We both started laughing.


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