Entwining Paths. (Remus Lupin love Story, Maraurder Era)

Hey guys! I love Remus Lupin so much so I decided to make my own story finally :D Hope you like it! :)

Name: Kenadee Lee Jacobson
Looks: Long pitch black hair, always in big waves. Big, bright green eyes. Pale and creamy skin. Every guy wants her, especially Sirius, because she is EXTREMELY PRETTY!
Year: Fifth
House: Gryfindor
Friends: James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Severus.
Quiddich Position: Beater
Blood Status: Pure, Werewolf.

Chapter 1

Fifth Year is Going to be Crazy!

My outfit for King's Cross (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=41986692)
I looked around King's Cross for my friends, I found Lily standing next to James, they were holding hands, I couldn't believe it! They had started going out and Lily hadn't told me?! That was not going to fly with me! I ran up to her and put my hand on my hip,

"Oh heck no, you guys are going out and I didn't know?!" I asked raising my eyebrow,

"Sorry Ken, I wanted to tell you in person!" Lily said and I laughed,

"Oh, you told me alright!" I said eying their hands intertwined. James laughed and kissed Lily on the cheek, she blushed and I made puking noises. They both rolled their eyes. I seen a flash of Remus's face and I ran over and hugged him, he was with Sirius and Peter. Remus turned pink and hugged me back, Sirius wolf-whistled at us and I flicked him off. I hugged Sirius, not quite as long as I had hugged Remus. Sirius looked as rugged as ever, Remus looked rough, he had much more scar this year than the last. Looked like he had a rough summer. And then there was Peter, Ugh. What a dead beat. I tried to be nice to everyone but for some reason I could like Peter no matter how hard I tried.

"Did you know that Lily and James are a thing now?!" I asked Sirius, he was living with James so he should know. He shrugged,

"I had no idea, I should have known because he was using my owl almost every night for the last three weeks. That explains it!" Sirius smirked and went to grace the happy couple with his presence. Peter followed him trying desperately to fit in.

Remus cleared his throat,

"So how was your summer Kenny?" He asked using my nick name only he called me, I smiled,

"Pretty good, no injuries this summer, I see you got the bad side of things though..." I said and traced the healing scar on his arm, he shrugged.

"What can you do to stop it?" He shrugged again and sighed, I quickly changed the subject,

"Let's get on the train, oh hey! You're a prefect too! Awesome!" I exclaimed and walked along side him. Remus and I found a compartment and waited for Lily, James, Peter, and Sirius to find us. They all came rushing in just before the train's final whistle blew, laughing at something that, I assumed, Sirius did because he was covered in something green and sticky. He flicked some at me, I jumped out of the way but I still got some on me.

"Ew! What is that?!" I asked wiping it off of me and onto the compartment door. Sirius grinned,

"Boogers!" He yelled,

"Liar! That is not boogers!" I said and took out my wand, I siphoned off all of the green stuff off of Sirius. He sat next to me and winked, I looked at him, amused.

"In your dreams, Sirius" I said pushing him away from me, he laughed and took out his wand. He started making multicolored sparks come out of it. We 'oh'ed and 'ah'ed.

"Sooo, Ken, I heard that you and a mystery man had a little romance over the summer" Lily laughed and waggled her eyebrows at me. I threw my sweatshirt at her,

"So? What if I did?" I said

"Who was it?" She asked almost before I finished,

"None of your business! And anyways, I didn't even get his name. It was a one time deal" I said and picked at my nails, I actually knew his name I just couldn't remember it... Oh well.

"You just have boy's worshiping you at your feet, Kenadee!" Sirius said, "I bet you wanna give me a try then, eh?" He said and scooted closer to me, I rolled my eyes.

"Get off me you obsessed boy!" I said and smacked him playfully, Sirius was one weird kid. We all sat for a minute in silence, I was looking over Remus's shoulder at the book he was reading, he vaguely seen me from the corner of his eye. Did I see him smile a little? Lily and James were talking in a whispered conversation and Sirius was flicking pieces of parchment at Peter and laughing hysterically.

"Whatcha reading, Moony?" I whispered and he jumped and blushed,

"Oh, um, nothing really. Some werewolf stuff... I dunno..." He said, I felt bad because he was embarrassed.

"Sounds interesting" I nodded and took the book out of his hands, he automatically grabbed for it but I held it out of his reach. It was titled 'Werewolves and Typical Mating Patterns' I smiled,

"I have this book at home!" I said and handed it back to him, he was extremely red in the face.

"R-really?" He gulped, I wish he wouldn't hide that stuff from me, we had the same condition so it wasn't embarrassing at all!

"Yep, my mom bought it for me last year" I nodded, "It was pretty interesting, did you read the part about imprinting yet?" I asked, Moony shook his head. Our conversation was over according to Moony. I hated when he got all shy and quite.

-At Hogwarts-

-Remus's Point of View-

I helped Kenadee off of the train and I could have sworn she held my hand longer than needed but then again, I could have been mistaken, why would Kenadee do that? She was just a friend.

"Thanks, Moony" Kenadee smiled and I blushed and mutter thanks, she looked dissapointed but, of course, put a smile on her face and cracked a joke. Typical Kenny, she was funny. I can't believe how much I had lucked out, if she would have opened that book she would have seen that I had a picture of her as my book mark. I blushed and walked behind the group, I could see Sirius was putting his charm on some third year girls who were really attractive. They giggled stupidly and bid him good bye, Sirius needed help. I thought it was funny that Kenadee so openly rejected him, he deserved it for being a prat most of the time to her.

"I'm gonna MARRY THE NIGHT!!" Lily and Kenadee sang, dancing around in the rain that had just started to fall. Sirius laughed and put his arm around Kenadee's waist, she danced out of his arm and he looked dejected. I laughed as Kenadee danced over to me,

"Moony! Come dance with us!" She laughed and took my hand, I ran along side of her as she danced along with Lily as they were trying to find a carriage. It looked like all of them had left. Lily and Kenadee stopped and groaned.

"Now we have to walk all the way up to the castle. Awesome." Lily said and turned to James, "Piggy back ride?" she asked pouting. I rolled my eyes, James was lucky.

-Kenadee's Point of View-

Lily and I stopped dancing when we realized that we had to walk all the way up to the castle, I groaned, Lily had the easy way out. She had James carry her. Lucky. I turned to Moony,

"Moooooooonyyyyy?" I said and I looked up at him,

"What, Kenny?" He asked grumpily, I frowned,

"Fine, be grumpy, Mr. Grumpy pants..." I said and took off my shoes preparing to walk, Moony was being a jerk.

"Come on" Moony said and grabbed my wrist, I looked up at him, "I'll give you a piggy back ride" He said and I smiled,

"Thank you, Moony!!!" I exclaimed and jumped on his back, I could see him smiling. "Moony?" I asked

"What?" He said and he blushed,

"You're the best" I said and kissed his cheek, he laughed humorlessly

"I'm the best?" He said and tried to look up at me,

"Yeah! I love you!" I said and shivered,

"I love you too..." Moony said and sped up. "Fifth year is going to be crazy... Isn't it?" He asked, I though a minute and then nodded.

"Of course, it wouldn't be our lives if it was normal, Moony! Duh!" I laughed and hopped off of his back as we made it into the castle.

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