Home with the Big-cats (story for Free_Wolf's picture contest)

Home with the Big-cats (story for Free_Wolf's picture contest)

This story is a little story for a little kitten named Tiger. It's not much, but a really cute story coming from Central Park Zoo you may have not heard of before. Even little kittens have big dreams.

Chapter 1


I poked my head a little farther out of the dark-carry-bag and stared ahead of the two-legs-no-fur. I was so high, everything was different. The two-legs-no-fur kept stopping and I mewed because I wanted her to keep moving. I heard big-monster-four-legs crying and roaring. They were as upset as I was. None of the two-legs-no-fur understood. They thought this was fun. They thought looking at big-monster-four-legs in tall-sharp-trap-bars was fun. I didn’t think it was fun. Playing with flutter-small-pretty-bugs was fun. Lying in front of roaring-heat-light was fun. Chasing thin-balled-string was fun. How was this fun?

The two-legs-no-fur stopped a lot more now; always looking at big-monster-four-legs. They scared me. I tucked my head into the dark-carry-bag and shivered. I was not having fun. I wanted to go home.

A long time later, many long times later, and I was sleeping in the dark-carry-bag, I heard a big-cat roaring. I jumped up and looked outside the dark-carry-bag and into the tall-sharp-trap-bars and I saw one; big-cat. It was two-color-striped and big. I saw the big-cat, and it saw me. I all of a sudden wanted to jump out of the dark-carry-back and comfort the colorful-big-cat. So I did.

When I jumped out, I heard the two-legs-no-fur cried out in surprise and tried to get me back in the dark-carry-bag.

I was little but I was fast, because the flutter-small-pretty-bugs made me run fast if I wanted to catch it. It a very short long time, I slipped through the tall-sharp-trap-bars and slowly made my way toward the big-cat. It was lying down and looking at me on a big flat rock. A little big space away I stopped and lay down in front of the big-cat to show it that it was the boss and I was in its territory.

The big-cat understood and I went down and lay beside it. It licked me on the head. Some of the two-legs-no-fur had stopped crying out and were pointing small-thin-bright-things at us. The big-cat had put its paw around me and more big-cats were coming out of wood-homes and coming out to us. We were all licking and I was even allowed to play with the little-big-cats.

This is home.


Kitten and Tiger love at the Central Park Zoo
Article by Tracey Thomas

A couple days ago, Mary Sebastian and her children went to the zoo for her son’s fourth birthday party, when they got an amazing surprise. Ms. Sebastian had brought her little 8-week-old kitten to the zoo, only to have little Tiger jump out of her handbag and straight into the tiger habitat! But for some odd reason, the little kitten is welcome and the cats instantly become friends. “We thought it was ironic that the kitten was named Tiger,” says zookeeper Ronald Simpson. “We thought it was so cute that we are letting Tiger stay and become part of the exhibit. The tigers are out in the open and a lot more interesting now. It’s almost as if that little kitten belongs…”
cont. on page 4

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