♡ ~ Starry Nights ~ ♡ (A marauders love story).

Name : Emily Harris
Age : 11 - 15
year : 1 - 5 (Meaning first and fifth)
Hair : Black, slightly curly near the end.
Eyes : Blue
House : Gryffindor
Best subject : Transfiguration
Friends : For now, Ember
Enemies : Sirius because he's always footing with her & Ember
Personality : She's a smart gryffindor, she's placed there because she's loyal and trustworthy, she can be brave in the best of times. She's not shy to her friends or people she's known for a while!

Chapter 6


Many different emotions went through me that night. First anger, which was James and sirius' fault. I was angry that they ruined a perfect moment and now made things awkward between me and Remus.
Then I was longing... Longing to feel what it was like to have his warm lips pressed against mine. How I would feel afterwards, or during it. What would of happened? Would we be going out? I felt like screaming into my pillow but didn't want to wake ember or Lilly who were snoring quietly into the darkness. I just shut my eyes and let myself fall into a deep sleep, dreaming of nothing.

I woke up the following morning, nervous about what happened last night and how it would effect me and Remus' friendship. I knew it would be awkard, especially with James and sirius around the place.
When I walked down to the dormitory James and Sirius were sitting down on the couches, as usual, waiting for me so we could walk down to the great hall for breakfast. As soon as they saw me they began to make kissy faces at me resulting in them being hit on the head. Twice.
"So, what happens now?" James asked me as we waited for Remus to join us. I glowered at him, I was furious with him an Sirius because of last night. Now I'd never get a chance like this to kiss him. The longing came back to me and I punched the cushion for good measure.
"I wouldn't know! Things will just be awkward for everybody now!" I snapped, crossing my arms and pouting. James and Sirius laughed at my child like antics when Remus joined us. I don't know what happened, but I stood up as though I was suppose to when he walked in. He looked at me a bit odd but shook it off.
"Are you going down to the hall?" he asked. He didn't look at me, but instead looked down at James and Sirius who had burst out laughing at my reaction to him joining us. We both went a light shade of pink and I began to feel stupid.
"Yes.." the said, stifling a laugh. I could of face Palmed myself on the spot. Why would I do something like that? Was I trying to make things more awkward than they were? Only I would do that.. Only me.
We walked down to the hall, I lingered behind the tree boys. I felt even embarrassed to be around them now. Not embarrassed of them, but embarrassed in a different way that was very difficult to explain. Remus purposely ignored me, walking behind the group. James tried to get me to walk beside them, but I refused to. In the end, I sat down angrily beside ember and James.
"Are you okay?" Ember asked alarmed. I nodded, but she didn't buy it. "What happened?" I sighed in frustration. I turned and told her what happened, and immidiatly she shrieked out loud. James, Lilly, Sirius and Remus turned, shocked at her screech. She went a light shade of pink as I slammed my head down on the table from embarrassment. "Sorry," she muttere as they all began to turn away.
"S'okay," I replied.
"So, what happens? You two obviously like eachother!" she said excitedly. I shrugged my shoulders. The truth was, I had absolutely no clue what was going to happen now. Would we ever be friends again? Or would we always act awkwardly towards eachother like now? I shoved that thought out of my head. We've been friends for five years, I doubt.. Well, I hoped, that this would ruin a friendship. They got up to go to class and I joined them.
"What do we have?" I asked James.
"Defence against the dark arts," he told me. I smiled in happiness. Dada was one of my favourite subjects ever. It was so enjoyable. We walked into the surprisingly full class room. James and Sirius looked at eachother and then to me and Remus. I noticed that only two two empty seats were left. One for them to sit on, and one for me and.. Remus. They ran and jumped on the seat and began to laugh at us. I groaned silently and sat down on the seat behind them. Remus did too, avoiding my gaze. He leaned back, crossinghis arms, while I leaned forward, my hand supporting my head. James turned around, smirking at me while I gave him a death glare. Sirius turned around too.
"Aw, you two look mad. Something wrong?" he asked with a big smirk playing on his lips.
"Oh, I'm just great!" I said now glaring at him.
"Wonderful," James said. "So, are things awkward, or what?" Sirius nodded along with him while Remus moved forward to him.
"Shut up James and Sirius!" he growled darkly. They looked at him concerned. It was very rarely that Remus would sound harsh like that. James and Sirius then looked as though they knew what was wrong with him.
"Tonight?" James asked concerned. Remus looked down at his hands and nodded. I sighed, of course I wasn't aloud to know. I was never aloud to know.
"Let me guess? The thing you promised you'd tell me eventually?" I said. He nodded, still looking down. "Oh, so right now I am not good enough to trust? Am I?" I said as darkly as he did.
"It's not like that," he muttered.
"Ya, Emily, it's something.. Personal," Sirius said.
"Personal? Ya, and he told you two? I would like to think I'm more trustworthy than Black anyway!" I snapped. Sirius looked offended at me.
"What the Hell is your problem?" he snapped back at me.
"You two wouldn't know what personal is at all. Let me guess? You found out by spying on him, didn't you?" I said. James opened his mouth to say something but closed it again. Of coarse, I was right. They spied on him. "You two can't keep your noses out of anything. Can you?"
"Emily- just give it a rest," Remus muttered.
"You know what Remus? This is partly your fault anyway. If you hadn't of.. If you hadn't of.." but I couldn't say it. It couldn't escape my lips. If he hadnt of.. "If you hadn't of tried to kiss me. There I said it!"
"Whoa..." James said. Sirius gave a low whistle and scratched the back of their heads. "Well, we can see that this is.. Private, and we are busy men.." they turned around but I could tell that they were still listening by how strangely quiet they were.
"You.. You don't know if I was.." he said going pink. "And even if I was, why does it matter now?"
"Because, Remus, it's a kiss. It's not what friends do to eachother!" I said in disbelief. How could he be so stupid?
"But you like me?" he said. I frowned. Maybe he wasn't as oblivious as I has thought he wad. "And I.. Like you too. What's the problem?" he said.
"The problem is, is that.. You haven't been talking to me. You've been avoiding me all morning. If there was no problem Yoy would of atleast said hi to me like you do every morning!"
"I can't be listening to you two anymore," James said. Both of them had turned around and I began to wonder where the teacher was. Maybe peeves had held him up? He seems to like picking on that teacher. Once, he even missed all our class. "You two are clearly in love and you two are like the smartest people in the year and are both too stupid to see that you are in love with eachother. There is no logic in that," he said.
"Ya, so.. What he said," Sirius said. I felt embarrassed slightly again.
"Go away-" at the moment the door opened and the professor came in. Our discussion was interrupted and had to be continued at break...

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