♡ ~ Starry Nights ~ ♡ (A marauders love story).

Name : Emily Harris
Age : 11 - 15
year : 1 - 5 (Meaning first and fifth)
Hair : Black, slightly curly near the end.
Eyes : Blue
House : Gryffindor
Best subject : Transfiguration
Friends : For now, Ember
Enemies : Sirius because he's always footing with her & Ember
Personality : She's a smart gryffindor, she's placed there because she's loyal and trustworthy, she can be brave in the best of times. She's not shy to her friends or people she's known for a while!

Chapter 3

Sorting hat!:]

We rolled our eyes and walked into the hallway before the great hall. Peeves was gliding around the room throwing vases at students. He barely missed me and I shrieked ducking for cover.
"Don't make me get the bloody baron!" James warned him. The bloody baron was the Slytherin ghost and the only one that could control Peeve's. He was never as rude as he was to us around Dumbledore though, he always showed great respect for him.
"Ohhh... Wee plotter, any tricks for us this year?" Peeves said swooping down through a second year who gasped at the sudden coldness going through her. James gave a side way glance at Me and Remus.
"Of coarse not," he said sarcastically. "Now go away Peeve's or I will get the Baron!" Peeve's stuck out his Tongue and disappeared around the corner. I walked out from behind Sirius and Remus knowing I wasn't going to get hit with by a vase.
"You okay?" Ember asked me. I nodded. We walked into the great hall, most students had already arrived by now, some of them giggled as Sirius walked by and gave them a wink. I scowled and sat down angrily. I wished he didn't play girls like that, it wasn't fair. Especially if you saw Ember's look everytime he did stuff like that.
The back doors opened and in walked McGonnegal followed closely by nervous looking first years. They glanced around the room in awe, candles hung above our heads in mid air, banners of the houses hung there too. The ceiling was enchanted to look like the foggy night sky like outside right now.
They gathered around McGonnegal as she began to read from a long scroll.
"Amanda Reid?" She called. A small, brown haired girl walked up to the hat which was placed on her head. As all first years did- they jumped when the hat spoke out loud to everyone.
"Oh, I see... Creative mind. Yes, very smart indeed... Intelligence... RAVENCLAW!" the hat shouted. The ravenclaws erupted in a big cheer as the girl ran down to join them.
This continued on for a long time before the last student ("Marcus Richards... Hufflepuff") was placed. Dumbledore stood up and the hall fell into a silence in which you could here a pin drop. "Welcome back to hogwarts, and welcome new students here. I just want to say a few words before we begin our Start of year feast," His blue eyes twinkled down at us as he scanned the hall. "I will say this only once! The forest is forbidden which means no students are permitted to be around that area at anytime," he looked at a few students with a grin- a few which included James and Sirius. "Now, with those few words said- let us eat!" He sat back down and before us was our meals. We all ate happily until we were so full our stomachs ached.
Dumbledore ushered us to bed- me and Remus had to stay behind for McGonnegal to guide first Years to the dormitories.
"Come on first years, this way!" I called to them. They looked around nervously but followed me. They all talked even when I tried to tell them the password (Dragons snout). "Oi! If you want to know what the password is listen up! Other wise you can stay out here. I'll just inform peeves where first years are lurking around!" I warned them. The all hushed and Remus chuckled at me.
"Okay, the password is Dragons snout! This will change every forth night and new passwords will be found up on the notice board, got it?" He asked them. They all nodded. Remus and I turned to the fat lady who was with her friend from another portrait - Voilit.
"Dragons snout," I muttered. She gave a cheery laugh and swun open. We brought them into the common room where we told then where their dormitories were. Eventually we had no work left to do so we joined the others on the couch.
"First years are already annoying me..." I muttered. "You know... If you do want to prank them, I'll say I never knew-" Remus cut me off suddenly.
"No. We're prefects Emily. We are not letting them prank first years!" He scolded me. I frowned and kicked the table in front of me.
"Why can't you just let me have fun?" I asked him. He shrugged
"Well, I'm having my fun stopping you having your fun!" he said with a cheeky smirk. I glared playfully at him but turned back around. I was getting the same warm feeling I got every time I looked at him. The kind where you go to sleep just thinking about them...
"Don't worry, we'll tell you when we're going to do it," James said winking at me. I laughed and stuck my Tongue at Remus. He chuckled at my childness. Ember was glancing at Sirius who was in conversation with a girl named Sylvia. I've seen him and her snog a few times... Not in a dating way, but in a 'Im bored! Lets snog!' way. It sickened me. I frowned glancing again at Ember, she looked hurt but tried hard not to show. She saw me looking and gave me a small smile.
"Hey Lilly!" She said looking behind me. I glanced back and there was Lilly sitting down reading a book already. She looked up from her book and waved to us, she walked over and sat down beside me- furthest away from James.
"Jeez, it's only the first day back Lilly! We haven't even had any classes yet!" I said amazed at her. I enjoyed reading too but... Not reading school books for fun!
"I know but I wanted to see what we would be learning about. Hm, arithmacy seems okay... Charms. I say that would be good! We'll be learning a ton of new spells! Oh and defence-" It was Remus who cut her off.
"Okay!" he said. She laughed slightly, "We'll see for our selves... In class!" he added on. She shrugged and closed the book shut. She glanced around us ignoring James's waves to her.
"Well, aren't you guys worried about the O.W.Ls?" she asked us. I shrugged slightly...
"I don't even want to think about them right now!" Ember exclaimed. Me, James and Remus agreed with her. Lilly furrowed her eyebrow circling her finger on the cover of the book. I could tell she wanted to read more.
"Just because we don't want to read them doesn't mean you can't..." I told her. She smiled delighted and jumped up off the chair.
"Oh... I'm going upstairs to read! Bye, Ember, Emily and Remus!" She said to us. She stopped and looked at James who was looking up at her with hopeful eyes. "Potter.." she muttered before dashing up the stairs.
"Nearly on a first name bases!" James said. Sirius and Sylvia had parted away from their conversation and he joined us in the chairs around the fire. He looked delighted with himself.
"Got rid of her!" He told James. I looked at him confused.
"Were you not just snogging her at the end of last year?" I asked him. He shrugged, he sat back on the chair his hands placed behind his head relaxing.
"Think I might stay single for a while..." He told me. I scoffed and Ember jumped up off the chair.
"You have never been in a relationship!" She scolded him. "Plus, if someone actually liked you... You wouldn't even notice! You're too busy snogging other girls... Or more!" She said. He looked offended and jumped up too.
"I have too been in a relationship!" He shouted back at her. She scoffed at him, "There was that one with Mariah!"
"One day... Doesn't count!" She replied.
"Not even an hour!" She said. He glared at her now. Me, James and Remus looked between the both of them and then to echother.. Well, this was new.
"Pfft! Who needs a relationship anyway..? There for softies!" He told her. She clenched her fists.
"Guess three of your friends are just big old softies than!" She hissed at him. Three meaning me, Ember and Remus. Remus had dated a girl named Veronica. She was in Ravenclaw but they never really worked out. I wouldn't talk to him for the whole week he was dating her and still he was clueless. I had dated the boy named Jack from the boats who was in Ravenclaw, I dated him for about four months and nothing seemed to connect with us so I ended it. Ember was with a boy named Ross, she really liked him until she found him snogging another girl.
"Ya, Rem's is just a big softie, aren't you?" Sirius said. They seemed to share an inside joke with one another and laughed.
"Totally... Just like a... Let's just say, wolf... Soft and cuddily on the outside," He replied winking at James who was also laughing. I shook it off and it seemed Ember did too.
"Oh! You boys are so blind sometimes!" She snapped before storming up to the dormitories slamming the door behind her. I cringed slightly.
"Great going guys!" I said to them.
"It was Sirius's fault! Not ours!" James said, his hands placed up in defence. I rolled my eyes.
"I think I can see perfectly well what's wrong with her!" Sirius said pointing his finger in thin air where she had just left. "She is a... Bloody lunatic! Mad," Eh said trashing his arms around the place. The corners of my mouth twitched but I didn't dare laugh.
"Trust me... You're the problem Sirius..." I muttered to him. "Well, I'm going to bed, Er... Night guys!" I said to them. They all said night and I went to bed. Lilly was still reading her book and merely glanced form it to see who came in. Ember on the other hand was glaring up at the ceiling.
"He's not just stupid you know," I told her sitting next to her on the bed. "He's just use to girls handing themselves over to him. He's never really experienced real love yet so he doesn't know how to detect his own love for you!" I comforted her. She shrugged.
"Ya, that must be the same with Remus!" She said chuckling slightly.
"No... I just think he's... Scared or something..." I muttered. "Well, goodnight guys! See you tomorrow for classes!" I said with a fake enthusiastic voice. Lilly sighed closing her book. In minutes I heard the soft snoring coming from both their beds. I closed my eyes and fell asleep in minutes.

Oh! Five more comments guys? Ye are the nicest people ever! Love you all!:]

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