♡ ~ Starry Nights ~ ♡ (A marauders love story).

Name : Emily Harris
Age : 11 - 15
year : 1 - 5 (Meaning first and fifth)
Hair : Black, slightly curly near the end.
Eyes : Blue
House : Gryffindor
Best subject : Transfiguration
Friends : For now, Ember
Enemies : Sirius because he's always footing with her & Ember
Personality : She's a smart gryffindor, she's placed there because she's loyal and trustworthy, she can be brave in the best of times. She's not shy to her friends or people she's known for a while!

Chapter 2

Fifth year!:)

Fifth Year

"Come on! Let's go on the train!" Ember said pulling me along. Winter purred affectionately under my arm as we bord the train, hogwarts was the only place she was able to catch mice and be praised by people.
"Here- let's go into this compartment," I said opening the door to an empty room. I placed my luggage into the slots above our heads and sat down, winter sat on my lap and began to sleep there. I came with Ember to Kings Cross. I spent the last two weeks of the holidays with her, it was a lot different to my home. No magic was used in her house, we weren't allowed on the brooms incase their nosy neighbour, Ms. Quinn saw us. It wasn't a horrible place though, we wrote letters to our other friends which included Lilly Evens.
Lilly was also muggleborn, she had red hair and green eyes. James potter had taken an obvious liking to her, she on the other hand hated him..
I liked only Remus and James in their little group. Sirius was a flirt and constantly flirted with me and Ember. Ember didn't mind as much because he was 'rather handsome' in her eyes.
"Wonder if lilly's going to join us or Severus?" Ember wondered. I shrugged, Lilly is good friends with a crooked nosed, greasy haired boy named Severus Snape- another reason why she won't go out with James was because he was constantly at Severus.
"She'll go with Severus, she always does," I reminded her. She frowned slightly as the train lurched forward.
"Oi, snivellus! Can't your parents afford a new nose for yourself?" I heard the all to familiar voice of James potter. A minute later Lilly pulling a scowling Severus behind her passed our door. She looked in and rolled her eyes as James called out, "Bye my love!" to her. A few seconds later James, Remus and Sirius were opening our door. James and Sirius sat across from me next to Ember as Remus sat next to me. Winter hissed slightly as James went to rub her. She hated James- his own fault for sitting on her in the gryffindor commen room. She hasn't forgiven him since. He pulled away muttering 'Bloody cat' under his breath.
"Hey, have a good summer?" Ember asked them. Ember has out grown her shyness this summer... And she's gone taller, more slim and this seemed to catch Sirius' attention quickly.
"Brilliant," He muttered staring slightly at her- he was considering wether it was really her or not. She has changed a lot over the last two months. James nudged him and he winced. I chuckled.
"I had a great one. Playing quidditch a lot!" James said happily. James had become seeker for the Gryffindor team and has never failed us so far. He was a skilled flier and easily caught the snitch.
"I read a few books," Remus muttered going slightly pink. Remus loved books, he was an O average student.
"Well, I'm suppose to be out in the hall doing my prefect duties!" I said to them. They stared at me with their mouths hanging open- shocked much? Remus smiled at me.
"Me too," He said. "Want to go, McGonnegal would kill us if she knew we weren't doing them!" I nodded and we left, Sirius and James still seemed to be in shock that I was a prefect.
"So, did you have a good summer?" He asked me as we walked down the hall. We were making our way down to the prefect compartment where they would tell us how long we had to supervise the train for.
"Ya... stayed with Ember for the last two weeks.." I told him. We walked into the compartment where the head boy and girl told us what to do. We had to supervise the hall we had just made our way through.
We reached Lilly's compartment and I opened it. She looked at me happily and then to my prefect badge.
"You're a prefect?" She said in amazement. I nodded and I saw Severus glare at me. Ya, he didn't like me too much either, but he put up with me because I was friends with Lilly.
"What?" I said to him. He looked away from me as Remus tapped me on the shoulder. "And yes I am Lilly!"
"Come on! We've got to patrol the corridors!" Remus told me. I frowned and said goodbye to Lilly. After about a half an hour we returned to our compartments. Ember was blocking her ears and looking at Sirius in disgust who was smirking at James.
"Oh my God! Emily! Thank god you're here!" She shrieked. "Sirius was telling us... Visual things he did over the summer. Never leave me alone with them again!"
"I'm sorry Emb," I said to her but smiling slightly. "I shall never leve your side again. Sirius, if you want to live for the feast I suggest you be quite about what you did over the summer..." I warned him pulling out my wand. He smirked but didn't continue his little story.
Me and Remus sat back down on the chairs across from them. Winter got up and crawled on Remus's lap, purring as she rubber up agains him. He smiled and began to rub her.
"How come she doesn't hiss at him?" James asked slightly offended.
"He didn't sit on her, did he?" I asked him. He laughed but shook his head.
Night soon fell and I fell asleep, my head rested agains the glass. It was a long time before I woke again- we had just arrived at hogwarts. Ember woke me and I looked around for Winter.
"Remus has her for you," She told me as I began to search under the seats. I sighed in relief and grabbed my luggage. A thick fog was outside causing my breath to be visible.
"Firs' years! This way, 'urry on!" Said the booming voice of Hagrid. I waved merrily over to him and he grinned behind his bushy beard. I hopped on a compartment where Remus, James and Sirius were on. Winter was tucked up in a ball yet again on Remus's lap.
"Thanks for taking her," I said to him sitting next to him.
"No problem.." he muttered. His face was pale even now, more scars were sprawled around his face, his hair was lighter then before but his eyes hadn't changed. Much to my liking- it was the part I liked most about his complexion.
"Hey... Emily?" James said waving his hand in front of my face. I blinked suddenly as though from a trance. "You may aswell of taken a picture.." he joked. I blushed deeply and I saw Remus had gone slightly pink too.
"Well, now that you've stopped looking at him... Any ideas for our pranks this year?" Sirius asked me.
"I can't..." I said pointing to my prefects badge. Both him and James frowned. Ember gave a smug smile in their direction.
"Good! Now you can't pull anymore pranks on those poor first years!" She said to them. Both boys grinned evilly at eachother.
"Not necessarily, we have thought up a few plans ourselves!" James told her. She folded her arms an scowled at them.
"Oh... You two are so mean sometimes!"
"And we look great doing what we do!" Sirius said winking at her. She rolled her eyes but smiled at him. He knew it always worked on her when he winked at her. She had the most obvious crush on him but always denied it. I kicked her on the shin and she glared at me.
"Why?" She asked me. I gave her a 'you know why' look and she turned away from me. I didn't approve of her liking him. He was a flirt, he'd only end up hurting her.
Me and Remus began to rub Winter who purred in all the attention she was getting, she was very fond of Remus. I hit off his hand and pulled away fastly embarrassed. It was so obvious to them that I liked him, so oblivious to him that I liked him. Either that, or he chose to ignore that I liked him.
"Emilys in love, my dear Emily... You've grown up so much!" James said pretending to wipe away fake tears. I glared at him and I saw that Remus was giving him a 'you can shut up,' look. James smirked and I hopped out as the carriage stopped infront of the school doors.
"Good to be home!" I heard Ember say delightfully. We all nodded in agreement.
"Good to be back to my pranking mansion!" James said ruffling his messy black hair. I sighed at him.
"It already messy Jamsey!" I scolded him.
"What? The ladies love it!" He joked. Lilly strode past him and he tried to get her attention. "Hey lils! How's-" but she had already disappeared behind the door. He frowned slightly. "She really does love me, she's just denying it so my fans won't be hurt!"

Ya... Thanks for the comments guys!:] Aniother five perhaps?:]


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