Heart of Fire(Leo Valdez/Camp Half Blood Love Story)

(This is during the time Percy is at the Roman camp,the boat is about half done)
Ren Brooks is pretty much like every other 15 year old that lives in California-at least thats what she thinks.But things start getting strange for her.Hellhounds,monsters and gods?-it seemed like her mythology class was comming to life.Then one morning when Ren wakes up-she's no longer in California-Ren's demi god and the gods decided it was time for her to pay a visit to camp....

Chapter 1

Long Island Sound?Really?

Name:Ren Brooks
Appearance:long,wavy black-brown hair and sea green eyes
Parents:Daughter of Neptune-mother is a child of Apollo and the grandaughter of a nymph
Personality:Very sarcastic,confident,alittle nervouse around large groups,fast,quick thinker,trouble maker
Weapon:onyx ring when flipped turns into a slender black dagger
When I woke up-I was on a beach.First of all-this wasn't that unusual for me.I mean I lived and California and more than once,I'd fallen asleep on the beach.But this wasn't my beach.I stood up,dusting sand off my shorts and shirt,I had to take off my shoes and empty sand out of them.Next to my foot was my backpack.I took that in in a matter of seconds-that was all I had before I heard a shout.I whirled,almost losing my balance in the sand.Two kids,dressed in armor were running towards me.Behind them I could see even more kids and a man on horseback.As he drew closer I relazed he was part horse.From the waist up he was human-below that he was a white stallion.

"Chrion."The name made perfect sense-I knew who he was..Which kinda freaked me out.The horse/man looked startled."The gods wouldn't.."He broke off midsentence and looked at the crowd of teens gathered around."everyone go back to you activities.Jason,Annabeth,Rachel.Stay."A boy with blonde hair,a girl with stormy eyes and a girl with bright red hair followed Chiron,The blonde haired girl dropped back to talk to me."Welcome to Camp Halfblood."

I blinked."What?"

"Chiron will explain."She said."I'm Annabeth by the way.""Umm..Hi Annabeth-the name's Ren."I said."Your last name wouldn't be Jackson."She asked.I shook my head,"No,It's Brooks."Her expression fell slightly and I felt bad."Why?"

"You remind me of my boyfriend-I thought maybe you were related."She explained walking up the steps of a rather large farmhouse.I followed alittle slower.The name Camp Half Blood rang a bell...It felt like I should know it-but I didn't know from where...like a half forgotten name.It hit me then-like running into a brick wall."You'll be a hero someday,my little Water Lily."A soothing voice murmured.My mother.telling me all the legends and stories.Stories of her own-so adventurous-too good to be true.Stories of gods and heros.Stories of a camp."You'll go there someday-not now,Water Lily,but someday-when the gods decide.After all..you're a child of the sea."

I swayed.It had been years since my mother had told me that...I had forgotten it when she had died..Someone gripped my arm and I blinked,focusing on Annabeth.She had a tight hold on my arm,supporting me.

"I remember..everything my mother told me about here."

Chiron looked pleased and surprised."Then I won't have much to expl.."He was cut off my the sound of runnign feet.I turned and saw a boy,about my age,maybe alittle older,with curly black hair-a latina santa's elf.Soot and oil smudged his clothes."Chiron...We have a problem with the boat."

He turned his eyes on me for a second and gave ba smile then ran out,Annabeth,Jason and Rachel following.Chrion gave me a look and followed-but i was too busy thinking about the boy


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