All That Glitters (A Pirates of the Caribbean Story)

Just watched the full series of Pirates, (Hannah, you spelled Tortuga right.. sorry... heh heh..) and I fell in love with the plot, so here goes nothin'!!

Chapter 1

The Captain Returns

by: BiBiBaby
"We found her! I'm surprised it worked!" I yelled to Gibbs, my first mate.
"I'm a bit taken meself captain!" He called back, "Let's get us a crew next sir!"
"I know that! But first, we should get some more rum!"
"Good idea Captain!"
We had finally freed the Pearl, but the other ships in bottles were lost to the sea, so whatever. Our first mission was to go to Tortuga and find some rum and a crew.
"So tell me then, darling, why should I let you take up a position abord my ship, hm?"
"I've told you Captain. I'm willing, and I can fight, also I speak two different languages, not counting English."
"She makes a good point there Jack. I think we ought to let her on."
"Very well then! Welcome to my crew! What's your name sweetheart?"
"Got a last name?"
"Doesn't really matter, does it?"
"I like her. You can be... no you can't be first mate... Second mate."
"You just made that up."
"First time for everything love." I put her name on the list and counted up the number of members on my ship. "Okay so we now have a total of... twenty people! That's enough! We set sail at dawn!... okay how about... once we all sober up?" I joked.
When I woke, we were all aboard the Pearl, dazed and confused I stood slowly to my feet, and looked around, there at the helm of my ship steering, stood Alice.
"Good morning Captain, just thought I'd get a head start on the day, and let ye all rest a bit. I also took the liberty of re-supplying yer stock of rum, three fold!"
"Rum? Where??"
"Ye can't have it now, we need a captain!"
"Damn... fair enough, where's me hat?"
"In yer quarter's sir."
"Um... good work!" I walked into my cabin put on my hat and promptly laid down for a nap.
Hmm.. she's fast, obviosly she's strong, smart, she's at leats three steps ahead of me.. I'd best be careful or the crew might take to her and mutiny could take suit... not again with the mutiny... I then heard some one walk in.
"Captain?" She asked, her voice was... softer than it had been before.
"What?" I asked somewhat gruffly.
"First mate Gibbs sent me in to make sure you were still alive. It's been almost a full day, are you alright?"
"I've been sleeping for a whole day?!? Why didn't anyone come before now?"
"I was only sent sir, I don't have any answers for you... just a question." She paused, something about her was familiar... her face, her eyes especially, deep blue like sapphires, deep and sparkly...
"And that would be?"
"Where to sir?"
"Hmm, I want to check on something, so... " I pulled out my compass, it pointed to the South-East. I headed on deck. CHecking my compass I addressed the crew, pointng my arm the direction of the needle, I yelled. "We sail, THAT WAY!!" Having absolutely no clue what was out there.

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