Crazy: A Rap

Just had to let out my thoughts briefly, enjoy?

Chapter 1



[Verse 1]
I remember when... I remember I remember being sighted as crazy
Just because Jehovah is my representation
This cruel nation, illuminati overtakin
Spirits are breakin, the government is shook take a look in this book find out what is mistook
A hook isn't needed for the message to be sent
The powerful lyrics come from the best who did it yet
Self-announcing pride but I'm not self-righteous
Hand me the mic, and maybe I might just commit a verbal homicide, cuz I'm that mad
Or mental suicide, cuz I'm that sad My emotions need negotiation at the time
I'ma decent person, but admit to crime
Pennies for my thoughts, I turn that into dimes
This brain has a price ladies, y'all know why
I think with this head before the one below
With Lupe swag the show will go till there's no foe to showdown with
And I show now that
It's too hard to be normal when you start to be formal and difficult to be classy when different from the whole the class see,
It's not about the zeros, or being the biggest hero it's about how you did it, and who you did it for
Or am I just Crazy??

[Verse 2]
I can go without smilies in this whole song but that wouldn't be right like the opposite of wrong
Still many questions, presume by my side no logical answer ohh trust me I've tried...

Will I be here tomorrow?
If somethin terrible happens will I be seen here tomorrow?
It kinda puts me in sorrow
Knowin' that life's just a borrow
Life in makin' poor thing's shakin' man up stand up the world won't take it
Learn what happens before you load the pistol
Think of how it feels if you were in this cold position
Don't celebrate deliberate make sure you hold the wishin'
A casuality confirmed, you need to cope attention
Your membrane is insane,, that ain't a good thang
Throw chains make it rain that's a hood thang
Society blinded madness all day
I keep it all behind me, sadness no way
Heal the world and proceed MJ's vision
Kill no more and defeat Satan's decision
I'm feeling a conflict, with someone I love
We can end it all now cuz enough is enough
Is it words that I say? The actions that I play?
Or am I just that Cra-zay??

[Verse 3]
We all feel guilt for the lives that we live
I know you feel bad for the lies that you give
Repent in consent with the lord think about it but forgive & forget won't always get you out it
I doubt that you understood that the path you just took was never taken
You just became a leader
Congrats to the pleader, who proved himself worthy
Label you unearthy
Certainly you'll be less abusive & wise
Protect your new life best to move it from demise you were given the choice,
To let your heart rejoice but you made silly thoughts you never had the chance to rise
You came here to win, let the game begin
Then enter the arena, and the shame begin shiver from cranium down to the phalanges
Yet reluctant clearly not the man he's ME
It always was Me
You use the eye to see, what has never been seen
Intellectual theme, is the veteran king
Show off the bling, as the heroin sings Tendencies, I haven't won
Maybe this thing just begun
I'm no longer having fun
Cold enough to bust the sun
I had to get the bullet cuz my heart said so
I just could not let go

I got nothin else to say..

The deeds have been done..

With nothin' else to pay..

The debt hasn't won..

Please if you may..

Tell me when it comes..

Then a whisper to my say..

"We've only just begun...."
Don't fear the world, fear God
Don't get scured, hear my,
Cry. Why? Cuz it is I, don't sigh, nah, just get implied
Yah, Ha. The kid is nice. Try. Bye.
The mission died. What a sigh when your crazy your brain can't faze me I'm like Daisy short but amazing If ya want respect then show perfection ya might get affected by the resurrection it's a secret thing if ya know what I mean
Ring on your doorbell don't believe in Hell
...I think ya got the memo
But all they think about is stoppin him though
I know nothing anymore
Or am I just that Crazy??

[Verse 4]
When I come around, why do enemies play possum?
You say let's get it, I already got 'em
I'm not addicted, I'm just committed
I'm not just with it, I'm so submitted
I felt I want it, to see how much I need it
I see the summit, but I think I wanna beat it
I know it's coming so I need preparation all I see is black & white, without the segregation
All I'm, taught in this world
Is that, life is so hard
All I've, learned in this world
Is that, life is a card
My brain has my emotions, my heart has my thoughts
My feet have my gloves, my hands have my socks
My eyes have my nostrils, my nose has my sight
I think it's clear now, I wasn't born right
I wanna know if anybody knows the meaning of life
...But I'm sure you know, who created the knife
Why, why do you confuse me?
Are, you tryna lose me?
I fight hard but there's just more war
All y'all want is more more more
I like you but you hate me
I did nothin' but ya wanna take me
Stop it all, we don't deserve it
Only a few, who just encourage it
I know why we suffer, look down
Or am I just that Crazy??


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