Under the willow tree - a marauder love story

I diddn't include wormtail becuse he would ruin my story and nobody likes him.

The love interest is Sirius

To Ioana: I'm sorry. There. I said it.

Enjoy my story!

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"MUUUUUUMMMM!" I screamed up the stairs. Today is my first day of hogwarts and I dont want to be late! It was such a surprise when I got a letter from the school! It was also a surprise when I got a letter from my father in the same envelope. My father died five years ago, but he wrote a letter explaining everything. He gave the letter to the headmaster of the school, Dumbledore. The letter said this:
"To my dear daughter, Sabrina.
I am so sorry for not telling you this so many years earlier. I am not human, and neither are you." (this part scared me a bit) "We are wizards. We can do magic, and things like that. Oh, sorry. I meant that I am a wizard, but you are not. You are a witch. On September 1 you will go to kings cross station and enter platform 9 and 3/4. The gaurds will say that there is no such thing, so do not ask them. ask them how you can get to platform 9. All you have to do is run through the barrier (the wall betwean platform 9 and 10) and in to the station. Mummy will not be able to come with you, so you need to watch out for your self. At this point, all you will have to do is board the train. Mummy has probably told you not to talk to strangers, but once you get in the barrier I encourage you to talk to as many strangers as you can. Try to make friends. I know you are not used to this, but you will like it, I promise. Wait, I do not want you to be confused about anything. The students will want to talk about quidditch. Quidditch is a wizzard gam played on brooms in the air. The teams try to make a ball go into a hoop. The ball is called a quaffle. There a re also balls called bludgers that try to hit people and make them fall off of their brooms. There are 7 players on each team. There is one seeker. He (or she) trys to catch a tiny ball called a snitch. When the snitch is caught the game ends and the person who caught the snitch wins thier team 150 points. There are 2 beaters that try to hit the bludgers to the other team, 3 chasres that try to get the quaffle in the hoop, and one keeper that trys to keep the other team from scoring. Our quiddtch team is the chudly cannons, if anyone asks. The children will also want to know what house you will be sorted into. There a 4 houses, Gryffindor for the brave, Hufflepuff for the loyal, Slytherin for the cunning, and lastly, my house, ravenclaw for the Intelligent. Tell your friends what house you want to be in, they might want the same. I wish I could be there with you. Please always have me in your heart.

Daddy "

When I read this, I could not beleive it. I was so shocked, I stood there for I dont know how long, just satring at the letter, until my mother found me. I did not beleive it at first, until my mum told me that she beleived every word.

So here I am, fully packed and ready to go, my Owl, Samantha in hand (see http://www.peregrinefund.org/subsites/explore-raptors-2001/owls/npygmy.html to see my owl. The bottom oone. she is soooo cute! or look at the picture next to the chap. title...) . "MUUUUUUUM!" I screamed up the stairs a gain. She then surprised me by coming down the stairs imidiatley, dressed in an impressive red dress. "Lets go then.".

So we hopped in the car and headed to the King's Cross Station. I had never been to the train station before, so I was surprised by how busy it was. We were surrounded by lots of people, and you would see the occasional child with an owl. We were with Proffesor Dumbledore, so he showed us the way. Mum was a muggle, so she could not follow me to platform 9 3/4. When I entered, I saw the most wonderfull thing...

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