I wrote this crappy poem entirely in Shakespearean English

Chapter 1


by: Harper_
Thou fool hearted knave
How little thee truly know
Harmless characters with vile intentions
They pierce thy heart within my bosom
Sharp as an arrow drawn from the bow
The bow of Artemis herself
Nary do I o'er rauhut
Such prejudiced accusations
As they spout from thines fair lips
Graced with the looks of the angel Gabriel
Alas, thou has the soul of lucifer
Life handed to thee
Born with a silver spoon
Why I ponder
Doth thou continue
Continue down such a path
A path of self righteous destruction
Thou care nothing for others
Nary a soul but thyself
Tell me why.
Why must I still feel
The way that I do
How quaint thou art
The gentle smile that dances
Lighting up thee's face
Nary before have I felt such feelings
Plauging my heart as they do
A fool
Tis what I am
An adoring fool
Fallen down.the deepest depths
The depths of love
Yet how could one as cunning as I
Fall for such a charvonistic boy
Thou art a fool
And I,
a fool for thee
End these childlike jests
Be a man
Proclaim thine feelings
Before I abandon hope of affection
Alas, thou art a fool
And I
A fool in love


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