To people who know a thing or two about love

ok this is on my iPod so just go with it.

Chapter 1


First, read the introduction. Done? Ok good. I need someone who knows a thing or two about love. If youve read my stuff then you've heard about me talk about this guy named Casey. I've liked him for over a year now. I have no idea why I like him. I've tried so hard to stop liking him. Over winter break I found out so much. Stuff I didn't want to know. My bestest friend Sarah told me that he had a girlfriend. So of course I was a little upset. Then she told me that he's a cheater. He's cheated on all his girlfriends. And when he kissed her she wasn't the only girl he kissed just that week. Then I realized how much I like Spencer, Casey's friend. I had danced with him last year an that's when I started liking him. That was around May of 2012. One night, it was like 1:00 in the morning so I decided to not Facebook stalk him. I saw two pictures that made me so jealous. One was of him and one of his exgirlfriends cuddling and it said Casey + Addison forever in love. There was another picture of just Addison that said future Addison Riker(that's Casey's last name). And now I really like both of them. Spencer likes Sarah and that makes me jealous because he might ask her out and she might say yes and..... I don't know what to do. I'm literally freaking out because Daniela keeps saying I need to get over Casey, which I do but I just can't! Anybody have any advice? I'm desperate....


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