New Years Shoutouts

Happy 2012 everyone!!!!!!

Chapter 1

Special Shoutouts

2011 for me was a great year. I joined Quibblo, started middle school(I have a late birthday), met new friends and reunited with old ones. I've met many great people on here, but I want to thank my 2 besties on here:

Diana: You're an awesome friend. You were the person tnat I went to when I had problems I couldn't solve on my own. You are my partner in crime, lol. You are my like the older sister I never had. LOVE YA SIS!!! :D

Lexi: You are also like a big sister to me. You are a great friend. I was your shoulder to cry on when you were down. You defended me, and made sure I was happy, and I want to thank you for that. LOVE YA!!!!

My New Years Resolution is to get straight A's on my report card, go to chruch more often, be nicer(MAYBE), and get my music group discovered.

Well, Happy New Years everybody. Hopefully, the world won't end this year, 'cause if it did, that would suck. New year, new beginnings. Out with the old, and in with the new. Have a good year, and try to stick to your resolutions. Love ya all peeps, keep swaggin'.



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