He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not.... A Taylor Lautner Love Story

Hey! decided to make a Taylor Lautner story! I'll be writing this one and the Nick Jonas story. hope you enjoy!!


Chapter 1

The Bahamas!

Today is the day! My friends talked me into going on a one week cruise with them. We r headed to the Bahamas. I'm so excited but at the same time dreading it. I love my friends, dont get me wrong, but theyve been trying to set me up for the past 6 months!! sure one of my friends is married and the other two have boyfriends but that doesnt mean im lonley! anyways, ive grown up witht these 3 other girls. we're all best friends and i love them to death, even if they do drive me crazy sometimes! they r the ones who bought my ticket, its my birthday present. I'll be turning 19 on the fifth day of the cruise. all of my other friends are already 19. Chelsea was the first one out of the four of us born. Next came Brianna. she and i had a special relationship, of course all three of them were my best friends but Bri and i were pratically sisters. then exactly 2 weeks before me was Elle.
My doorbell rang. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=41652813) i opened the door of my apartment and it let my friends in. they helped me with the luggage. Elle's mom was taking us the the port. we loaded my many many bags into the car and headed to the port. Elle got married when she was 19 to Alex. he was also going to the port with us to say goodbye. we finally arrived and i jumped out of the car and breathed in the sea air. Bri came up next to me.
"duh." we walked to the ship and alex and Elle kisseed goodbye. we got on the ship. as the girls were checking in, i was standing there trying to find my chapstick in my purse when someone ran into me. me being clutzy, i fell and stuff from my purse fell out. "great just how i wanted to start out" i thought to myself.
he picked up my stuff and handed it to me and said "im so so sorry"
he had on a dark pair of sunglasses and a hat. he held out his hand and helped me up.
"its ok. im not the most graceful person in the world anyways" someone motioned for him to leave and he smiled at me and said
"so i hope i'll see u around?"
"i'll be here all week" he smiled and then left. not too long after, my friends came up to me.
B: "oooo who was that?"
ME: "just some random guy who ran into me"
C: "he looked totally in to u"
ME: "yeah, no he was just apoligizing for knocking me over
E: "whatever u say. c'mon we got the keys to the rooms" we had two ocean view rooms with a door inbetween the two. we decided we would just leave it open. Bri and i were in one room and elle and chelsea were in the other. we unpacked and i took a deep breath.
"so, u think that guy was into me Bri?"
"yeah, u saw how big his smile was"
"i could barely see anything. he was wearing sunglasses and a hat"
"maybe he got a bad haircut or something"
i heard that elle and chelsea were finishing so we all hit the pool. after that we got dinner and took it bak to our room and watched a movie. me and bri stayed up and talked. it sounded like she and her boyfriend were getting pretty serious. eventually we both fell asleep and i dreamnt of the mysterious guy who "hoped" he would see me again....

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