Song to You (A One Direction Love Story)

Chapter 1

Character Info/Olivia's Pov

Someone_Like_You's Character

Name: Lulu Spencer
Looks: Red Curly Hair, Green Eyes, 5'6, Sim/Slender
Personality: Shy, smart, Independent, Hard worker
Job: Works after school as a waitress

My Character

Name: Olivia Prescott
Looks: looks like ariana grande except with blue eyes and later in the story she dyes her hair blonde
Personality: random, friendly, trustworthy, shy, in the middle of smart and dumb
Job: Doesn't have one but really wants to become an actress

Olivia's Pov

I woke up on a Monday morning getting ready for school. I hate school so much, I have been bully since grade school and I'm afraid its going to happen again. I went downstairs and ate breakfast. My mom looked at me and said "Morning Liv are you ready to go to school?" I looked at her and frowned and said "No mom, I'm going to be bullied". My mom said "Sweetie, they probably forgot about it, everything will be fine". I said "I hope". I grabbed my schoolbag and walked out of my house. I was walking to school and didn't want to take the bus. The worst place to be bullied beside school is the bus. I'm going to walk to school for the rest of my life no matter what. I got to school and went to my locker. 5 guys came over and said "Hey look its Olivia Prescott". I said "Umm hi". I closed my locker and started to walk away from them. One of the boys pulled me back and said "We still haven't forgotten from grade school". I said "That old news seriously let it go". Two of the guys grabbed me by the wrists and put me on the lockers. The three guys started to beat me up and everyone was laughing at me. I started to cry when I noticed 6 people walking down the steps not noticing what was going on. Thank god, I don't need to be humiliated more than I was.

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