How to Find Out Who You Were in Your Past Life

Chapter 1

This is cool

This is more of a game, but nevertheless it's really fun especially if you get someone famous or known for something great. :))

1) Go to google

2) type "died -insert bday here-"

3) Go to 1st Wikipedia article

I tried it... first I typed "died November 14, 1994" and got Tom Villard: A HOMOSEXUAL AMERICAN ACTOR. Well, if it's true at least this soul got to be a girl in this life!!! :)) WISH CAME TRUE! XD (no wonder I doubted my sexuality before...haha)

Then I tried it a 2nd time and typed "died 14 November, 1994" and I got Rudolf Seitz! A NAZI!!!

Last point, and sorry to ruin it all for you but... side comment: the only problem is if you were born on the exact date as someone else... meaning another person could get the same result as you. :/ Maybe for future analyses the time of birth should count. :p


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