You Make My Heart Race (A 1D FanFic)

Chapter 1


By Me:

My Info:
Name: Charlotte Ross
Age:19 (Liam's)
Looks: Long curly dirty blonde hair, dark blue eyes, short.
Personality:Fun, fun-loving, shy to new people, sensetive, and smart
Crush/BF: Liam Payne
Bio:has two brothers: Chance and Noel, Naya as a best friend
Other: two cats named Snickers and Butterfingers, Nicknames are Char, Charrie, Lot, Lottie

Someone_Like_You's Character:
Name: Naya Sykes
Age: 18
Looks: Black curly hair, light blue eyes, pale skin, 4'9
Personality: out-going, smart, sweet, loves to laugh
Crush/BF: Niall
Bio: Is an only child, Charlotte is her best friend
Other: Loves to dance and sing

Hope you comment, rate, and enjoy! :D

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