Never ending surprises- A Marauder Love Story:D

HEYA!!!! welll this is my first story to be uploaded onto QuibbloXD so comment, rate and READ!!! TIS a bit strange:D but I hope you like it!!

Character Profile:
Name: Seri Hennessy
age: 15 along with the marauders
appearance: long dirty-blonde hair, blue/grey eyes, average height
Personality: Sarcastic, loyal, loud, friendly
background: READ and find out^^ :D

Chapter 3

Bud BudXD

Seri P.O.V
I walked down stairs in a slightly awed state of what had just happened. I walked into the common room and automatically walked down to the fire and sat on the couches there. I guessed it must be a Hogsmeade weekend or something because there was hardly anyone in the common room, and they either looked far too young to be able to go, or have too much homework.
I heard a door slam from above me and someone jumping down steps. I turned to see Sirius’s grinning face behind me.
“Ready to go then” I said, standing up and starting towards the portrait hole, Sirius jogging slightly to catch up. We walked down part of the hall in silence before Sirius decided to wrap his arms around my shoulders.
“You do know that we just met right” I said, though thought it best to leave his arm where it is.
“Yes, but I can feel the sparks already” he said in a mocking tone. I kicked his shins and he stumbled forwards, his arm coming off my shoulders.
“Hey!” he said, rubbing his shin, “I thought we had just met” he grinned at using my own argument to his advantage.
“So did I” I retorted and he started taking huge strides so I had to half-run to keep up. We finally reached Professor McGonagall’s office and I knocked on the door, still slightly out of breath from the journey there. I saw a strict looking woman open the door and stare down at us with beady eyes.
“Good Morning Mr. Black, to what do I owe the pleasure” though her voice seemed to portray a slight annoyance at being disturbed. She looked over towards me and I gave her a sheepish smile.
“And who might this be?” she asked, staring me down, “I have never seen you in any of my classes before”
“This is Seri Hennessy” Sirius said, “and she needs to see the headmaster” Prof. McGonagall’s beady eyes turned back to him.
“And why would that be” she asked. Sirius looked a bit lost.
“Well...umm” Sirius started but I cut in for him.
“to make a long story short, I have only been here for about 2 hours and I only just knew that I was a witch 1 hour and a half ago” I watched her face change to one of confusion before she said.
“Yes, yes, that would probably be best, follow me then” and she took off at a stride nearly matching Sirius’s before. We came up to two stone gargoyles in the wall.
“Cockroach clusters” Professor McGonagall said too them and the wall in front of them opened up to a spiralling staircase with a phoenix in the middle. Sirius and I trooped up behind Professor McGonagall and stopped nervously in front of some grand metal doors as she knocked twice on them.
“Come in” said a deep voice from within and the doors opened to present a huge office, full of different devices and what-not. I had a sudden urge to run around and see everything, but knowing that wouldn’t really be the best first impression, I settled to just letting my eyes wander where they may.
“Ah, you must be Seri” I looked up, startled to hear my name, into the knowing eyes of Albus Dumbledore.
“I was expecting you” he said, I looked over at Sirius who looked just about as confused as I felt.
“Well, I think we should get straight down to business” he said, smiling at my reaction, “first off, you need to be sorted” he walked over to where a raggedy old hat was sitting upon a shelf. He pointed towards a seat near his desk and I sat down obediently. The hat nearly went down to my eyes and I heard Sirius snigger behind me.
“shut up” I muttered, before remembering that the hat could read my thoughts and tried to think just of Gryffindor, the house I wanted to be in. Sadly the one thought that kept wandering into my mind was the scarf of sxual preference if you don’t get it WATCH AVPM/S!, and I couldn’t help but to laugh in spite of myself.
“hmmmm, well you certainly have a sense of humour, Loyal and honest towards your friends, and willing to stand up for them......well then it must be Gryffindor” the hat finished with a sort of bored tone, and I got the feeling he didn’t like to be disturbed during the year.
I stood up and took that sorting hat off, leaving it on the chair, and turned back to Dumbledore.
“Now would you like to stay here or go back to your other family” Dumbledore said, moving in front of his desk, I stared at him.
“I can...s stay hhere?” I said, still staring in amazement. Back at home I was a nobody. I lived with my very strict foster Mum, who... well let’s just say we never got along. I shuddered slightly at the memories.
I didn’t really have any real friends because I kept moving around to different foster homes, so I stopped becoming too close to people so that I didn’t get hurt.
“Well yes, but we will need to find a place for you to stay in the summer and you will have to carry most of your belongings with you wherever you go” Dumbledore continued, “but if you really do want to stay, we will set up a temporary bed somewhere in the Gryffindor tower until we find you a room, and since you are an orphan, I will be responsible for you” Dumbledore finished and I continued staring.
Sirius leaned in and whispered in my ear, “You’re an orphan?”
“Yeah, don’t worry I’ll give you family background check when we get back to the common room” I said, mocking him slightly and he rolled his eyes.
“Well, that will be all then” Dumbledore said, “you may leave” he smiled and turned back to his desk.
“Wait, how will I get all of my stuff?” I said wondering how my things could possibly fit through a mirror.
“You will find them waiting from you upstairs” I turned to leave before, “oh and remember everything happens for a reason” Dumbledore smiled at my confused expression and Sirius and I left to go back to the Gryffindor tower.
We walked back into the common room to hear shouting and many angry voices.
“OH CAUSE YOU’RE SO PERFECT AREN’T YOU!” I saw James and girl with bright red hair having a fight to the death. I stepped in front of them and they both stared at me.
“What are y--” James started but I shushed him and turned to the girl, who I knew at once was Lily.
“Hi, my name is Seri and yours is?” I asked, feeling I shouldn’t act too weird when I first meet people.
“Uh, Lily Evans” she said, still looking slightly confused, “are you new here?”
“Umm... Yeah” I said brightly and turned on James, “maybe you should go ruffle your hair elsewhere” James looked slightly stunned at my knowledge of this but shook it off.
“And if I don’t” he said, smirking
“I will wake you up like I did this morning everyday for the rest of the year” I smiled at the reaction I got on James’s face, and he moved off to where Sirius was laughing and hit him on the back of the head.
“Do you know each other then?” Lily asked,
“Kind of” I said smiling, “he seems like a good kid” I burst out laughing at Lily’s expression and sat down next to her.

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