The Grand Legdand Of Blackclaw, the Best Warrior Ever.

The Grand Legdand Of Blackclaw, the Best Warrior Ever.

Welcome to a warrior that probably wasn't even in the warrior series! Blackclaw the 1st kit of Scrouge was found hangin' on for dear life by ThunderClan and grows up with his other siblins,Lionkit,Shadowkit, and Graykit! If you want to help write the story when someone else had already wrote a chapter send me a message and Í'll tell them to give the next chapter to you! Thanxs :)

Chapter 1

The Ceremony...

Blackkit justhung there waiting for his mother to catch him. Then he heard a large crash then a thump. He looked over at his mother and gasped. A huge 23 feet tall snake was above his mother,who was already dead, he screamed as it lunged at him. He woke up gasping for breath with Lionkit's voice saying under him:, "Get off me!! Get Off me!!" "Oops sorry."He said. "Thank StarClan! I can finally breath!" Lionkit prayed. Blackkit rolled his eyes as he went down to the clearing not remembering about the dream until he got a rabbit out of the fresh-kill pile and said," I'm not hungry no more." "Blackkit,my friend, just the kit I wanted to see!", DewStar the leader of ThunderClan sid. Blackkit turned around with his icy blue eyes fixed on him impainently. "What?" "How old are you,Blackkit?" DewStar asked. "7. Why?" Blackkit answered. "Then would you like your own ceremony?" DewStar asked. Blackkit,forgetting about everything, jumped up and down. "Yes!! Yes!!" He asnwered quickly. "Ok.Ok.. calm down." DewStar chided. "ThunderClan meeting'!" DewStar yelled. "Today we are making a kit into an apprentice!" DewStar yowled over the confusion. "Blackkit please step foward." DewStar instructed soflty. "Blackkit you have reached the age of six moons and it is time for you to get apprenticed. From this day foward until you receive your warrior name you will be known as Blackpaw. Your mentor will be Ravenflight. I hope Ravenflight will pass all he knows to you." DewStar said to Blackpaw as Ravenflight stepped up. "Ravenflight you are ready to take on your third apprentice. You have received excllent training from your mother,Flowertail, who we know died fighting to save our clan. You have shown yourslef to be quick and fast. You will be the mentor of Blackpaw and I expect you to pass on all you know to Blackpaw." DewStar said. Ravenflight touched noses with Blackpaw as the whole clan cheered really loudly,"BLACKPAW!! BLACKPAW!!" Man I got the deputy,Blackpaw thought, I am the only apprentice here too.

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