Irish Luck (A Seamus Finnigan Love Story)

Name: Lilana Wood (Woods Sister)
Crush: Seamus Finnigan
Friends: Luna,The Trio,Fred and George,Lee,Dean,sigh Seamus, Sydney, Anne, Drea,Megan,Becca,Mikayla,Samantha, and sometimes Rebecca

Chapter 1

Kings Cross Station

I walked onto the train looking for one of the bigger compartments for my friends, I found one for Fred, George, Luna, and everybody else. I found a compartment for 13-15 people. I put my trunk under my seat and wait for everybody else.

~~~~~~~~20 minutes later~~~~~~~~~
"My God people!" I walk out and I get blasted with confetti canons.

"SUPRISE!!!!" Everybody yells. 

I smiled, and spit some confetti out of my mouth. "My birthday suprise and I get confetti in my mouth. Thanks guys!"

"No problem! Heres my present to you" Fred hands me a silver wrapped box. 

"Freddrick Giddeon Weasley if something pops out at me I will lock you in a room and leave you there until you need food  and water to survive another day." 

He looked scared and took the box away. "Fine" 



"Here," He handed me a red wrapped box. I open it and pull out a braclet with a panda on it. "Its charmed, does a mini dance" 

"Its awesome George" I hugged him, ignoring the death glare from Megan. 

"Lilith, heres my gift to you" Seamus hands me a golden box. I opened it and it was a golden necklace with my name on it. 

"Wow Seamus! It's-It's wonderful. Beats my favorite animal on a bracelet dancing."

"damn it." George mumbles. 

"Here." He takes the necklace and slips it around my neck. I smiled and blushed. He smiled at me and kissed my cheek. We always did that... Everybody else gave me their presents and by the time we were done we arrived at Hogwarts. They quickly got out and left Seamus and I. 

"I love my necklace Seamus." 

"I knew you would Lilana." 

"Not a Sweet 16 party but it was awesome. Just wondering how it will end." 

"You have the rest of the night. Then Satursay and Sunday." 

"Yeah but still. We can spend Sunday together. Like we used to." 

"Maybe not normal friends."

"Wait what do you mean by that Seam-" He pulls me closer and kisses me. Weird, he was wearing his 
Kiss Me I'm Irish shirt. I kiss back after awhile. I heard the trains whistle and we break away, grab our trunks and run off. 

"Lilana! Seamus! Hurry up." Luna calmly called to us. We jump on the carriage. 

"Hi Luna." We said. 

"Hi, happy birthday Lil."

"Thanks Luna." She hands me a necklace with a bottle-cap on it. 

"It's a Nargle charm. To keep them away." 

I smiled. "Cool  I'll wear it on Quidditch so they can't get the players." 

She smiled and nodded. "That's a beautiful necklace, where did you get it?" 

"From Seamus." 

"I heard gold keeps nargles away also." 

"What's a Nargle?" Ron whispered. 

"I don't know." Hermione replied. I laughed behind my hand. 

"The one who knows everything doesn't know what a Nargle is?" 

She glared at me. "I think that a Nargle is a mythical creature." 

"You thought witches and wizards were mythical before age 11." 


Our carriage arrived and Professor Flitwick checked us in. Dumbledore gives speech and the whole Twi-Wizard tournament.  No surprise to me I always know. I have to spend the summer at the Malfoy's....and Lucius Malfoy told us.   We eat and I walk the corridors. 

"Lil? Sorry about my family this summer." 

"Oh it's fine Draco..better than my family anyways." 

"Why did they disown you again?" 

"Because Oliver is a perfect Quidditch player and I can't even ride a broom. I love Quidditch but I 'm not one to play ya know?" He nodded. "You're like my second brother. Evil,but sensitive and nice." 

"I'm not that sensitive..." He defended him self. 

"Keep tellin' your self that Malfoy." I winked at him,kissed his cheek and walked to the Common Room. There was more confetti canons blown at me and streamers hanging everywhere. 

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!AGAIN!!" They laughed. 

"Thanks guys." I faked a smile. Talking about my old family makes me sad....

Seamus pulled me to a small corner. "Hey Lil what's wrong." 

"First Family." I whisper in his ear. He hugged me tightly. 

"You shouldn't talk about it then." He kissed my cheek and we walked back to the party. Harry and Ron was bringing two closets in. 

"No! Hermione I said NOT give them the idea!" 

"Sorry but we are playing." 

"Fine. So people KNOW it's me." I take off my Lilana necklace I put it in the hat. Ginny got Neville,George got Hermione,Harry got Padama and Parcati ,Seamus,Ron,Fred, Katie,and I.  were left. Ron got Katie,Seamus got Parvati. And I got Fred... We got into the closet. 

"Lilana,here's your necklace back." He handed me it back. I slip it on. 

"Thanks Freddio."

"Don't call me that..." 

"Fredward,Freddie,Freddio. Loads of nicknames except King Of Pranks." 

"I am too the King Of Pranks."

"George is." 



"Keep telling your self that Freddwardieo. That works." 

"Freddwardieo? You are crazy. ."

"I'm bored...."

"Me too...."

He pressed his lips to mine. I pulled away quickly. "What the hell?!" I said a little to loudly. I heard murmurs of 'what happened.' and 'is she ok?' I tried to open the door but it was locked. I kicked the door open as hard as I can and the door flew open. "I'm going to bed." 

"Lil wait!" Seamus stopped me before I hit the fifth stair. 

"Let me go please. I'm tired." I faked a yawn. 

"You're lying! Come on." He grabbed my hand softly. "Come talk about it in my dormitory." He walked down a step letting go of my hand. Everybody was watching. "Are you coming?" I nodded and followed him. We reached his dorm and he shut the door. "What's wrong beautiful?" 

"I'm not. Compared to the Beauxbons women I'm nothing. Just a speck of dust on their stupid tea table." 

"Not to me! You are perfect to me. I've known you since we were 5. I just saw those beauxbon students. Ignore them." 
He pulled me close to him. 

"I saw you staring at their perfect asses." 

"I was not. Ok I was but so what. I watch you all the time. Not in the awkward way." 

I laughed. "Well I am getting tired now.  Goodnight love." I kissed his cheek and went back to my dorm. I got into some pajamas and fell asleep. 


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