Charmed---A Hogwarts Love Story!!! Year 1~(read intro!)

This is the second part to year one. If you havent read the first part,'you can find it on my profile page! I'm changing something small no worries hehe. Remember: ~~ r thoughts!

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Chapter 1

The Train Ride. You Stuii-ped Boys! Wait, there is a cute one....

"Can we sit here?" The one with jet black hair, and thick circular glasses. You quickly put your wand away, but made sure it didn't look like you were hiding something.
"Yes, you can sit here," But before they could come in, you
Put up your hand to stop them, "But the question is, May you sit here?" They looked confused, then the other boy, a red-head said.
"Proper manners. Mum is ranting on about how at home, we act like a band of bumbling, babbling baboons(something like that)"You try to swallow your laughter, but can't. The red-head glares at you.
"Proper Manners." The dark-haired one nodded.
"Then may we sit here?"
"No." U say plainly. They looked confused, again. ~God, they are so gullible!~
"God, boys are to gullible. laugh I'm only joking. Yes you can sit down!" The dark-haired one laughed. They sat across from you and put their luggage aside.
"Hi. I'm Harry." You shook his hand. ~Wait, as in Harry Potter? Mom said rrr someone named that would be on this train.....~
"As in Harry Potter?" You ask. He raises his eyebrows, as if people always do that.
"So you've heard?" He asks.
"Heard what?" You say confused, with your head tilted to the side. The red-head almost chokes on a piece of chocolate Harry had give him before comin in, "Where'd you get the chocolate?" U ask.
"The Trolley." The unidentified red-head says. "But that doesn't matter. You've never heard the story of Harry Potter?" You shake your head.
"What story?"
"Oh, well I'm the boy who lived! The boy who made the Dark Lord disappear! WooHoo." Harry says in mock-happiness.
"laugh The boy who lived. Sounds mystical." You say.
"Well, ya. When you think about it, it does." Harry said smiling. "But I'm apparently famous for making Voldemort and his Death Eater follower go away when I was a baby. Things I barely remember."
"laugh Haha, Vuldenmort. That's silly name. Who's Vuldenmort?"
You ask.
Now that you realize, the red-head shivers everytime you say Volde-whateverhisnamewas'. But Harry laughed.
"Voldemort. And he is this mass murderer who committed some craazy crimes with his demented deatheaters. He went around murdering random people of choice, sometimes." Wow, that creeped u out. You scrunches yourself and hid and looked around the compartment, as if he could hear you.
"Oops. Well then, Sorry Voldemort and Death Chewers! I don't find ur name silly at all! It's quite intimidating, actually!" You said. Harry laughed, and Red-Head Boy just shivered. Harry then told you his life story. It was quite tragic, actually.
"Ah!" You cried, leaning across the compatment to give him a hug. He looked at you strangly. "What? Afraid of a little hug?" U ask with a smirk. He smiles and hugs back. After giving him a little shake, and him laughing, you pulled away. You then slid over so you were sitting in front of the unidentified red-head.
"And what's ur name?" U ask. "I could ask you the same thing." He says, staring you down. Not that u didn't trust them, but u just met them! And u didn't like telling ur name before others. If they trusted you with their name, you could trust them with yours. "I asked you first." He looked defeated, and said "Ronald, Ronald Weasley. But call me Ron, prefer." Haha, let's play with him a bit.....
"Hey Ronald. I'm Penelope Sahrah. Nice to meet you." You shake his hand.
"Pleas-wait. I just asked you to call me Ron." He said, as if you were crazy.
"Yes, you did. And because you asked me to call to Ron, I simply must call Ronald. Mr. Ronald Ron." You said smiling widely. He looked at you, like you were completely mental. Harry just sat and laughed at him, "Awww, I'm sowry." You said trying to hold laughter back,leaning across the compartment towards him, "Do you wanna hug?" You said in a baby voice.
"Yes."'He muttered quickly. You and Harry laughed, then you gave him a hug. Wow, he was warm. Or maybe you were just incredibly cold. Ya, that's it, because Ron shivered. Just then, the compartment door swung open. You and Ron quickly turned your head, still hugging. You couldn't pull away; because a clip on your shirt was stuck to string on Ron's. Something that looked like a grenade was thrown at the ground, and exploded with smoke. You looked out the compartment, seeing two figures. One had long shaggy red hair coverig his face, yelling, "Ooh, Ronnie's got a girlfriend!" You pulled away quickly, and heard a "Rrrrriiip!" but you didn't care; the smoke was covering the rip. You looked out, and saw someone else. You two linked eyes. He had the same red hair, and beautiful clear blue eyes, probably Ron's brother. You stared for a while, until the other grabbed his hand, yelling at him to hurry up. With that, they ran down the hall or the train, chanting, "Ronnie's got a girlfriend!" over and over. Since your tanned skin hid your blush, your smile took it's place. You couldn't help it!! You always smiled when embarrassed. So you were trying to hold your smile, but epically failed. You coughed from the smoke surrounding
you. You three tried to open the door; but couldn't.
"What the h£ll! What the h£ll?!? Those stuiii-ped boys!" You exclaimed angrily and confusedly, "Ugh! Just. Some f-ing stuiii-ped boys! How dare they! They know better then to prank 1st years!"
"Bloody H£ll, Penelope! It's just a prank!" Ron exclaimed. You try to see how bad the cut on the shirt was, but couldn't. You tried to remember what light meant in Latin.
"Lumos!" You yelled. Light erupted from your wand. Really?!?!!! The pin cut above your chest, where your bra was. Ugh. And it had cut through ur robe and shirt AND sports bra, at the bottom. Grrrreat. Now creeper first year, even older, boys can stare at the bottom of ur b00b! Worst part was, you were already changed into uniform and robe.

The smoke died down about 7-10 minutes later . You brushed off, but you smelled like smoke. ~mean boys! I am so gonna get them back.~ Harry and Ron also brushed the dust off them. Then they looked up and stared at the lower part of your shirt above ur rib. "Stop Staring!" You exclaimed in a whiny voice. They both looked down blushing.
"Sorry Penelope!" Harry said in a sincere voice.
"It's fine."
"Well you can always change into your-" Ron said, but then stared at your uniform.
"Well thanks Ronald." You say plainly and sarcastically.
After everyone sits down, and start to talk, a blonde boy walks in with two chubby boys following. You groan, because now more boys could see the bottom line of your b00b and wonder off.
"Hello. My father said that Harry Potter would be here. I'm Draco. Draco Malfoy." Ugh, wizards and their last names. Harry already seemed to dislike Draco. I mean, so did u. He acted superior, with his back straight up, chin high. Loser.
He than looked over to Ron. "Red Hair, Freckles, second hand books and robes. Must be a Weasley." Then he turned back to Harry. "You wanna watch who you hang put with. You don't wanna hang with the wrong sort." You snorted. What a jerk.
"Thanks, but I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself." Harry said, rejecting his hand.
"Oohhh" You cooed, breathing out. That Draco turned to you, glared for a second, then saw your face, and stopped.
"Hello." He said in a snotty voice, "Hows bout you leave these sad excuses for wizards and come over to my compartment on the...better...side of the train?"
"Psh, please, boy." You say, rolling your eyes, causing Ron to snicker.
"Crabbe, Goyle." He said, nodding towards his friends. They nodded back, and came towards you. Then they both picked you up by your arms.
"What the bloody h£ll?" You said. Then Draco, wait nevermind, that's a dumb
name, let's call him...Malfoy. Ya: Okay, well, Malfoy turned On his heel, about to exit the compartment when,
"Put her down, Malfoy." Harry said, now standing.
"And why should I? What if I don't feel like it?" Malfoy says.
"Why should you? She doesn't even wanna go, you git! And who cares what you feel?" Ron said.
"Ya, Draco." You say. Ron snickers.
"You think my name is funny? No one asked your opinion, blood-traitor." Ge said, smirking. Just for that, you swung your foot back in the air, and kicked a chubby part of the chubby boys behind you. Malfoy smirked, and walked out.
"What! Unhand me! I command you!" You protested, bewildered. :) In the background you can hear the protests of Ron and Harry. You struggle and jchiggle yourself out of the arms of these fools, while they start carrying you to the opposite side of the train, where far ahead, you see some snake posters with green and silver. "Unhand me, you goons! Un/hand/ me! You foolish goons! Take those meaty hands off my arms! Goons! Excuse me! You will suffer the consequences! You will feel the wrath! The Wrath of Penelope! I will make you feel my wrath! I promise you!" You yelled angrily.
Malfoy laughed to himself muttering, "So cute." You splushed, but quickly wiped it off your face. "AAHAHAHAH!" you exclaimed, your voice vibrating with the 'Aaaaahahahaaa!" then there was an explosion of smoke.
"AGAIN?!" You yelled. The goons dropped you to the ground, and ran. "Gently!" You cried. Malfoy turned around, shielding his face, and lended you a hand. But then he dropped his hand, a look of horror filling his eyes. but the look was quickly erased, and he scuffed, turning away. ~Psh, I wasn't gonna take his hand anyway........~ then you heard laughter from behind you. You were covering your eyes so they wouldn't burn.
"You sound just like Percy." The person, obviously a he, said. You finally sat up straight, and turned around, but saw no one. Ummm...kinda creeped out now, don't ya think? ~I gotta get outta here, or else I will choke to death. So you got up and left.

A While Later You Were At Hogwarts.

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