Dark Wood Circus

A Circus for the twisted & distorted. All of us are without real names & are all orphans of the Circus.
But, when a little girl joins the Circus, something strange happens to all of us...especially me & the Blue Beast.

Chapter 1

The Begining of the Circus

by: Cozy_Glow
I sat in the centre of the white room, listening & humming to myself. I was never allowed out of this room, like everyone else. I gently ran my finger over my curled horn & smiled. That was one of the strange things about me; the other was my distorted eyes: one was smaller than the other.
I didn’t mind & neither did the other kids in the other rooms. I looked out of the little window in the door & across the white corridor. The room across was owned by little twins. Their door read ‘Clockwork’. It worked as the girl had a key in her back & he had a large bolt.
There were plenty of other doors, all with a little girl or boy inside. There was ‘Puppy’, ‘Flower’, ‘Tall’, ‘Clockwork’ & ‘Diva’ (my room). But, not until 2 days ago, the ‘Flower’ & ‘Tall’ rooms had been deserted: the girls had been taken away. It was going to be one of us next, but I didn’t mind.
I heard footsteps outside & a man unlocked the ‘Clockwork’ door. Another man went in & walked the little girl out. Her hands were tied behind her back, looking from left to right with wide, blue eyes.

“I wonder where you go” I whispered to myself.
“Now, come on” one of the guards said to her. “We won’t bite, but he will if you don’t behave!”

I watched as she walked down the corridor & into a little room. The window was tinted with red flowers, so I couldn’t see anyway. I closed my eyes & listened really hard, trying to block out the noise of footsteps, when I heard it: a scream, a chainsaw & the spurt of lots of blood. I opened my eyes & watched the boy walk past. He looked at me & grinned evilly, before walking onwards.
I wasn’t scared, but I worried about what was going on. Lots of guards stood a ‘Puppy’s’ door & quickly darted in. When 10 men were inside, another 2 carried some things in & dumped them in a pile. A ball, or something, tumbled from the top & rolled towards the door. I knew, from then on, it wasn’t a ball.
A boy, about my age, crawled over & picked it up with his mouth. He crawled away with a smile & the guards rushed out, slamming the door shut. I watched from the window, taking in everything I’d seen. It was a lot to take in, but I managed. I didn’t sleep that night, but sat & watched the door, my imagination running around.

I smiled. “I’m next, but its okay” I stood up & looked out the window. “I want to go next!”

They came for me that night, but I was fast asleep. When I woke, I was lying in a bright spot-light. Everything around me was like a black sea & I was stuck on an island. I heard a soft noise, which quickly got louder. I turned, this way & that, trying to find where it had come from, but it was too dark.
Finally, another light shone on a lady in a long, red gown. Her lips were hidden behind a red fan, which she waved gently. In her hair was a large, red orchid. I didn’t know how to react, but I forced a smile. She lowered her fan to show a red-lipped smile.

“We’ve been waiting for you” she purred, raising a hand to me. “Do you know who you are?”
“Um…” I gulped, trying to think. “No.”
She gave a short chuckle. “That’s okay, no one named you! You are an orphan, but not alone, no!”
“So, who am I?” I asked, clasping my hands together.
“You, dear child, are the Distorted Diva!”

I didn’t know what type of name that was, but I liked it better than nothing. The spot-light on her vanished & everything went black again. I gasped & looked hard into the dark, trying to find her. The music kept playing as another light shone down, but not on her. I turned to see a person with 2 heads: The twins of room ‘Clockwork’.
I turned away & found 2 very long & stripy-panted legs. Looking up I saw a kind-faced girl with white hair & a large blue hat. Another light shown beside her, eliminating a girl with orange hair, braided with flowers. She smiled & pointed down to, yet, another light.
The boy I had seen in room ‘Puppy’ was in a blue restraining jacket. Around his neck shone a cuff & a chain that snaked to the hands of the red woman. My eyes grew round with fear. All of these children like me had been changed. I stood up & went to run away, but they all stopped me.

“You cannot escape your home, Diva” the woman smiled. “Do you know all of us?” I didn’t reply, just turned slowly. “Of course not, you only just got here! Well, there will be time to learn! I am the Red Mistress of the Circus, your home!”

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