What Makes You Beautiful {A Zayn Malik Story}

Amani is a well known British Acteress,Dancer,Singer/Rapper,fashionista and ofcourse a hugely popular teen superstar.But when she gets the call to work with One Direction,it seems her life takes an interesting turn.

Hey Comment and tell me what you think,or I'll just scrape this idea.

Chapter 1


by: HariDeen
I sat in the limo looking out of the tinted windows.God it felt good to be back in London!I heard the oh so familiar sound of the pouring England rain.Now this was a home coming!
"Hey!Um..Steve?I can walk from here.It's cool!Just tell someone to drop my stuff off to the hotel please!"I told Steven my mangers(sp?) assistent as I jumped out of the Limo.
I pulled my hot pink hoodie over my hair and slung my graffiti style backpack on my shoulder.I haven't had a chance to walk around Central London since my 'Rise To Fame' so I took this as an oppurtunity.
I smiled as I walked around the streets to my hotel.I loved the feeling of the rain on my naturally tanned skin.
I looked around the deserted street, double checking it was empty before I started dancing around like a little kid.God I missed dancing around in the rain!Every time I stepped out you could be sure there would be cameras flashing and my every move would be reported.For once in such a long time,I was just me.Amani Deen.Not Miss Rage,not Angel Ani.Just old Hari Amani.The girl I was before all of this craziness.
I danced around,spinning and turning,in the presumably empty street.Laughing and humming to the flow of the rain.Completely in my own world,not relizing(sp?) that I had just slammed right into a guy walking down the street.
I lost my balance,almost falling to the ground,when the guy caught me by the waist. I put my hands on his shoulders to steady myself.
"Oh My God I'm so sorry!"We both said at the same time.
The guys friend started to chuckle.
"Nice dancing."Laughed the other guy.
"Thanks."I replied.I straightened myself out and edged away from the first guys hold.
"Are you alright?"I could hear geniuene concern in his voice.He had an accent.It was British...but seemed a little more different...like a Bradfordian accent.Ah!That was it!He had a Bradfordian accent!
"Yeah I am thanks,sorry about that."I looked up to have a proper look at the guys face.Well their was no point trying not to get soaked since my hood had fallen off during my embrassement,so I looked up to see his face.
He had that asian tanned skin,when I say asian I'm refering to South Asia.His skin was lighter then mine...so I was guessing he was only half asian,not full like me.He had lovely black hair and the most amazing brown eyes.Damn he was HOT!
I looked at his cocky mate,he had curly brown hair and a childish face.They seemed vaguley familiar...
"OMG I know who you two are!"I exclaimed.Finally clocking on.It was Zayn Malik and Harry Styles.
So the guy who caught me was Zayn Malik and his cocky mate was Harry,go figure.
"She took her time."Harry muttered.
"Listen we'll autograph whatever you want but please don't scream or anything!It's not that we don't love you fans it's just we don't get a chance to be on our own!"Zayn rushed to say.
Damn he was sooooooo cute!
I admit when I saw him on X Factor I thought he was WOW and I guess I had a bit of a crush on him...Okay more like a huge crush,not that I'll ever admit it.It totally goes against my image.
I found what he said hilariously true.I could completely relate,wasn't that what I was doing right now?So like the dancing-in-the-rain idiot I am,I laughed.
"Don't worry,I totally understand."I smiled.
"Sure you do."I heard Harry mutter under his breath.
"Umm...thank you."Zzayn replied."So you know our names,can we ask yours?"
He was trying to get a better look of my face,which was covered in rain instead of make-up,since I hardly ever wore make-up.
"Amani."I smiled whilst shaking my hair back from my face.
"Oh My God!YOUR HARI AMANI!"Harry practically screamed.
"So who's shouting now?"I smirked,this shut him up.Although his mouth was wide open.
"Wow!Umm I guess what I just said was pretty...embrassing."Zayn apoligized(Sp?) looking quite uncomfortable.
"Don't sweat it."I brushed it off."It's nice to have a little down time eh?"
We all laughed in agreement.
"So is there any where we can walk you to?"

Zayn,Harry and I were all walking back to the Hotel.Which turns out to be the same hotel they're staying at.We walked into the plush Five Star Hotel,looking like a bunch of normal average teenagers.
"There you two are!"
"We were gonna send a search party out for you two!"
Exclaimed the three remaining band members.Liam,Niall and Louis rushed the two of them,messing around like guys do.
I guess this was my cue to leave,especially since I saw Susan,my not so pleased lookin manager.
"Bye!"I called to the submerged boys.
"Wait-"I swear I heard Zayn call.
But before I could reply or check Susan came down on me about my disapperence.
By then Zayn was to late in his attempts of trying to reach me.I gave an apoligetic smile as Susan lectured me away to my room.
"Dude is that Hari Amani Deen?!"Exclaimed Niall.
"Yeah,yeah it is."Zayn responded,watching me as I walked away.
The Way That You Flip Your Hair Gets Me Overwhealmed

Hey guys,okay this is my first EVER Fan Fiction,okay I know it's really rubbish and that.But tell me what you think and if I should carry on.


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