Wolf Love(Marauders Love Story)

Another story! Its my first maruaders era story so please don't make fun of me. Sorry if its crappy.
Name: Rachel Storm
Hair: Brown, curly hair that comes to the middle of her back.
Eyes: Electric green
Everything else you'll figure out
Oh yeah its in their fifth year.

Chapter 4

All You Need is Love

All You Need is Love--the Beatles

Remus and I found Daniel before Izzy. Now your probably thinking, what's so
bad about that? Typically, nothing but we have a special situation. Last year, Daniel and I kinda sorta not really dated. We went on three dates then I found out that he was cheating on me. I knew he had a girlfriend but he told me they
broke up. They hadn't but he still went out with me. "Can I steal Rachel, Lupin?
We have some...buisness(sp) to attend to," Daniel said while wrapping his arm
around my waist. As he pulled me into the compartment, I mouthed to Remus
''Help me please! Get someone!'' Daniel flung me onto the seat and locked the
door. He pulled down a shade thingy so people can't look in. "If you do anything to me then you'll have to answer to my brother," I said bravely through clentched
teeth. "And what exactly would I do to you?" he asked, trying to sound
threatening. "I dunno but considering that I dated you last year you never know
what could happen. And I do know about you're....''history'' with girls," I said
braver than I felt. I wished I was 17 at that moment more than ever. Wait.... I stunned him then tried to unlocked the door. It was locked from the outside and magic wouldn't do anything. I tried every spell to get to door down. I'm so thick I thought. Alohorma! Such a simple spell I forgot. The train skidded to a stop at Hogsmeade. I(was forced to) got into a carriage with the marauders.

Ok I'm dead with ideas. Anything from you?

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