Wolf Love(Marauders Love Story)

Another story! Its my first maruaders era story so please don't make fun of me. Sorry if its crappy.
Name: Rachel Storm
Hair: Brown, curly hair that comes to the middle of her back.
Eyes: Electric green
Everything else you'll figure out
Oh yeah its in their fifth year.

Chapter 3


Anna--The Beatles
Read the beginning in a New York accent

I fell asleep! Disappointing, right? Yeah. I told that exact same story in the common room later that night. "Until...." Everyone was on the edge of their seat except for the people who were their. "I fell asleep!" I exclaimed. Many people groaned. I had been woken up by my dear Slytherin friend, Bob. Nahh her name isn't Bob. I had you their for a second, didn't I? Its Anna Coulson. She decided it's be a good idea to yell in my ear! The result was me hitting Sirius in the face. Its a reflex. Yeah, I might've fallen asleep using Sirius's shoulder as a pillow. She yelled at me and my reflex was hit try to hit them in the face. I hit the wrong person in the face. "Aw crap! Sirius, your face got in the way of my hand!" I said as soon as I hit him. He just glared at me as I smiled. "Hi Anna," I said calmly. "Why did you make me hit Sirius in the face?" I asked. "He needed to be hit," she said simply. "Can I do it again?" I asked innocently, like a little kid asking for another cookie. "No! Absolutely not!" she said in a motherly way but winked at me. I smiled and slapped Sirius again. "Siriuuuus. Your face needs to quit getting in the way of haaaaannnnd," I said in a sing-songy voice. I smiled innocently. Anna finally spotted James, her boyfriend(you never thought a Gryffindor would date a Slytherin, did you?). Uh-oh. I hate how they say hello to each other. They technically don't say anything I don't think. I wouldn't know. They say hello to each other by snogging. You can say they like saying hello. I sneaked up behind Anna and whispered, "You're not gonna start snogging him again, are you? Because nobody really likes watching you two snog espically when were in a situation like this and we can only watch you snog." She obviously didn't hear because she procided to go and sit next to James. "Yeah, before you two start snogging, I'm gonna leave," I said rather loudly. Anna waved me away. "I'll come too," Izzy said. Izzy and I left and Remus followed. He's so quiet. "No empty compartments," Izzy stated. I got an idea. You see, all the guys love me. I guess you could say I have special powers. "You two stay here. I got an idea. Wait....Remus, could you follow me. Like be around the corner. Not make it seem like your following be but you are?" I asked. He nodded and I set off to the prefect's cabin. I found a blonde-haired blue-eyed tall guy named Daniel. He has the biggest crush on me. "Hey Daniel?" I called in a sweet voice. He looked over his shoulder and came over to me. "Could you possibly clear out a compartment for us?" I asked really sweetly. I twirled some of his hair around my finger. "Uhhhh y-yeah sure," he stuttered. "Thank you!" I said in the same girly sweet voice. I kissed him on the cheek and I saw him leave with a very red face. "Remus!" I called in my normal voice. "He's clearing out a compartment for me you and Izzy. The only problem is he thinks that its for me and him...." I mumbled the last part. "Come on. Let's go and find Izzy then we'll find Daniel," I said while grabbing his hand.

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