Wolf Love(Marauders Love Story)

Another story! Its my first maruaders era story so please don't make fun of me. Sorry if its crappy.
Name: Rachel Storm
Hair: Brown, curly hair that comes to the middle of her back.
Eyes: Electric green
Everything else you'll figure out
Oh yeah its in their fifth year.

Chapter 1

Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising--Creedance Clearwater Revival or something like that. Every chapter will be named after a song.

"Yipee! Another year at Hogwarts. Another year of torture," I mumbled blandly to myself. I watched the country pass before me. I was already on the Hogwarts Express. I didn't have many friends but I was pretty popular with the Gryffindors, my house. Many people know me and want to be my friend but I only have a handful of friends. Lily Evans, Nelly Lewis, Claire Brignole(I think I spelled that right), Elizabeth, and Ara Walker are my roommates. They're also my closest friends. I tell them everything. Even my little secret. A heard a knock on my door and it opened. Four guys were standing there. I reconized them immeadiately(sp). They're the Maruaders. Sirius Black, nicknamed Padfoot because his animagus is a bear-like dog. James Potter, nicknamed Prongs because his animagus is a stag. Remus Lupin, nicknamed Moony because he's a werewolf. And finally Peter Pettigrew, nicknamed Wormtail. "Can we sit?" Sirius asked. "I'm sure you can sit. Its a very easy task to accomplish and doesn't take much skill. In other words, even someone as stupid as you can sit," I snapped. "Rachel! Yes, you can sit in here. Please excuse my friend. She isn't the nicest person," said Liyla Thomason, one of my close friends. "I am too nice! When I wanna be nice but I can still be nice!" I shouted rather louder than I intended. "Liyla Thomason, Ravenclaw," Liyla introduced. She kicked my leg. I knew she meant for me to introduce myself. "Rachel Storm," I mumbled. I could feel Liyla's glare on me. "That's Rachel Storm from Gryffindor," she said for me. "I'm--" James started. "We know who you are. All of you. Everyone in the school except the first years knows who y'all are. But not everyone knows what I do. Do the names Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs sound familar?" I cut him off. They exchanged nervous glances. "Yeah I know what y'all are." Remus looked really nervous. "Don't worry, Remus. I haven't and won't tell anyone about you. Though, I make no promises about your friends," I said darkly refering to Sirius and James. "How do you know?" Sirius asked. "I figured it out last year from the nights in the Dark Forrest. One night, I followed and saw y'all." Liyla looked at me. "You mean when you were--" she started. She and I knew what she was refering to. I nodded. "Rachie!" someone squeaked. "Izzy!" I almost screamed. I ran into my best-friend-since-two Izzabella Cater. "Now I don't feel bad for leaving! Liyla, you won't mind me leaving, will you?" I asked hopefully. She blushed a bright red. "I'll take that as a yes. Bye weirdos. Bye Liyla," I called. I could feel her glare once again as I left.

Continue? I hope y'all like it! By the way, what do you think Rachel's little secret is?

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