Hunger Games Poem

I don't really know how to explain what this really is... I felt like writing a poem... this may become even more poems in the future... But I got inspired and wrote this... It might not even be any good... But hope you enjoy(:

Chapter 1

The Day of the Reaping

The Day of the reaping
Brings no joy
From each district
A boy and girl are drawn
And are almost guaranteed death

People say you reap what you sow
But how can you reap such a violent death,
From such a violent blow?

24 contestants
Anywhere from ages 12 to 18
From 12 districts
Two are ‘lucky’ enough to be drawn

1st a girl
A lovely girl
Whose life will change
She’s become a piece of their games

Next is a boy
A handsome young man
Whose life will change
He has also become a piece of their games

Who will make it?
He or She?
Will either of them last?
Will either of them make eternal fame?
Will the Odds be ever in their favor?

The Day of the reaping
Brings no joy
It’s the day when the Capitol
Can make you it’s new toy.

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