Random Facts about Harry Potter

All these facts have been approved by JK Rowling, :)

also thanks, for reading, :)

Chapter 3


-Over the course of the all Harry Potter movies, 6 different actors played The Dark Lord.

-The least financially succesful Harry Potter moviemad 90 million, thatsmore than the most succesful Twilight movie made.

-Dragon Blood is an effective oven cleaner.

-Daniel Radcliffe voiced the part of Edward Cullen, in the sumpsons parody of Twilight.

-Vol de Mort means Theft of Death in french.

-JK Rowling is the first person to become a billionare from writing books.

-JK Rowling took an online Sorting Hat quiz and she was sorted into Hufflepuff.

-The Death Eaters were originally known as the Knights of Walpurgis.

-An outbreak oflice occured within the children cast, during the making of the Chamber of Secrets.

-Avada Kedavra comes from the Aramic phrase Abhadda Kedhabhra, which means to disappear like this world

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