Random Facts about Harry Potter

All these facts have been approved by JK Rowling, :)

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Chapter 2


-The concept of the soul-sucking Dementors came from a period when Rowling was diagnosed with clinical depression.

-A S^x Pistols and Arctic Monkey’s fan, Radcliffe is a keen musician and was taught to play the bass by Gary Oldman, who plays Sirius Black in the films. Oldman once played Sid Vicious, bassist of The S^x Pistols, on film

-Dumbledore" is an old Devon word for "bumblebee" and was picked by Rowling because she imagines him wandering around the castle humming to himself.

-Daniel Radcliffe has been through 160 pairs of glasses during the shooting of all the Harry Potter films. He also wore out 60-70 wands during the making of the films.

-Harry’s infamous scar has been put on by makeup approx 5,800 times. This is not only on Daniel Radcliffe, who has had the scar applied approx 2,000 times, but also on his doubles and stunt doubles, all of whom wear the scar.

-A 1/3 miniature of The Burrow was created just to be burnt down, when Death Eaters set it on fire in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It took 14 weeks to make, and 6 minutes to burn down

-40 versions of Salazar Slytherin’s locket had to be created to accommodate Ron and Harry’s failed attempts to destroy it.

-Behind the Professor’s top table is the house points system. Each hour glass contains tens of thousands of Indian glass beads and rumor has it that when it was first made for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the production was responsible for a national shortage of beads!

-hermione Granger was almost going to be called Hermione Puckle

-Fred and George Weasley were born on April Foll's Day

-Harry, Ron and Hermione all have wand cores based on their birthdays

-Snape was partially based on a teacher JK Rowling once had.

-King's Cross Station is where JK Rowlings parents first met.

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