In Love with the Potions Master(A Severus Snape Story)

Basically, I love Snapers and he should have gotten Lily! End of discussion. It's 4am, and I'm writing a darn story!

Chapter 27

To the End

With one last deep breath I drank the potion. It felt the same as the first time. Instead of my mother blacking out though, I felt like I was about to. It felt like there was a pile of bricks on my chest. I fell over and it all went black. The last thing I heard was a scream of "No! It wasn't supposed to be like this!" Followed by a sinister laugh of a woman.

Victoria Greene's POV:

I could see again! I could breath again! I was back! There was my Severus! Crying? I looked at what he had in his arms, the motionless body of my daughter. I got out of my resting place and placed my hand on Severus' shoulder. "Don't cry my love. It's alright. I'm here."
At once Severus stood up, still with my daughter in his arms, almost like a baby, or a man carrying his new bride away. "You sick woman! LOOK! LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO YOUR DAUGHTER!"
"Don't fret Severus, it's alright. This was planned since before the dear girl was born. She was to be used to lure you in so that one day this game would come to an end and I could finally have you at least."
"How could you think that THIS would make me love you? You're a monster!"
"Now how can you call me a monster? You're the one into dark arts. Besides, I was the only one there for you after Lily died. The only friend that stayed. How could you hate me?"
"You've killed your daughter!"
"Oh Severus, don't tell me you have feelings for her?"
"SHE was my only good friend since Lily. Now look what you've done! She's gone! Gone like everything else in this world!"
"Calm Severus. She never would have loved you anyway. Either of them. Lily hated you. I'm sure Erica hated you too. I'm, the only one who loves you."
"You have no love in return."
"What was that Severus?"
"You must be loved to learn how to love. You have no live given to you. This love you have for me is a lie."
"Oh, and you've received love?"
"I believe I have."

Erica's POV

It seemed like I was slowly going above. Their voices became un-hearable. All I know is that I saw that Severus raised his wand as if to kill my mother, and then I couldn't see anymore. There was a bright light blinding me. Then I was surrounded in the white light.


There WILL be a Sequel. This is NOT the end. :)

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