In Love with the Potions Master(A Severus Snape Story)

Basically, I love Snapers and he should have gotten Lily! End of discussion. It's 4am, and I'm writing a darn story!

Chapter 1

Background Knoweldge

It was a long time ago, we were young. Severus and I were always fairly good friends, but he was too in love with Lily Evans to notice that I cared. It was obvious that she didn't love him back. Poor Severus... Then the day she left him, just because he called her a mudblood. Everyone makes mistakes, and she couldn't forgive him, and in the process broke his heart. Then there was no one there but me, and I was the only one he could turn to, but he didn't turn to anyone, he stayed to himself, and wouldn't say a thing, was very quiet in class and everything, just watching her go bye, day by day, all happy with that arrogant James Potter. That guy she said she couldn't stand, and yet there she was, right in front of Severus, falling in love with the one guy Severus could never stand.
This isn't a story about how Lily got over that and forgave Severus and took him and left James. No, this is a story about how I went back, and I changed history, and I, Victoria Greene, got him for myself.

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