And then you Happened (Taz and Up Fanfic)

And then you Happened (Taz and Up Fanfic)

There are not enough Taz and Up fanfics in this world. So, hey... I guess I'm making one. I have so many ideas running around in my head for this, so hey, why not! Yes I know, I already have 2 more stories that aren't even close to being done, but I have to do this. Still considering the title, not sure about it.
But anyway! Here is a Taz and Up fanfic, don't know who they are? Starship. Now. So, enjoy :)

Chapter 1

It all Started...

Chapter 1-

A word to describe why I feel this way?
There isn't one.
I'm in love with the man I could never have... My commander. 
It all started years ago. My 15th birthday. The day I become a woman...
My girly Quinceañera. I wore my pink-fluffy-atrocious dress my mama forced me to wear. It costed to much money, simply ridículo. Why my Mama spent almost $5,000 on a dress i'd wear once, then probably get filthy by playing catch with my brothers and cousins.
Because she wants me to become the thing I'll never be, a girl. 

"Please, querido, wear the dress." 
"Mama," I sighed, putting my head in my hands. My aunt was currently putting my long black hair in a bun, with sparkles. Loco...
"Taz, go on, put it on. You'll look beautiful. And maybe Felipe will finally fall for you!" My Aunt Marita said, soothingly, still putting my hair up.
Truth be told I always listened to Aunt Marita, she was like a sister to me, her being only 19. I had no sisters, just 5 brothers. I was the baby. 
As for Felipe, he was a boy who lived in my village. He was 17, rather handsome. But, there was no way in infierno he'd fall for me. Please, I was a small little girl who liked to play in mud and fight every boy who weighed more then her.
Was I even classified as a girl?
"Fine, I'll wear it. Just for today, never again." 
"Thank you, Taz." Aunt Marita said, Mama cringed at the use of my name. Taz, a horrible name to her, my real name was Taziana. Mama was loco for naming me that, did she really think people would call me that?
My mama slipped the fluffiness on me and I looked at myself in the mirror.
¡Dios mío...
"Mama, are you sure-"
"Yes, novio." 
I sighed. I put on my matching pink high heels. Which added about 3 inches to my measly 4'10". Mama swore I'd grow... 
God hope so.
Aunt Marita put my makeup on, which consisted of pink lipstick, purple eyeshadow, mascara, blush, and whatever the hell this other stuff is. 
"Como una reina, Taz." My grandmother said, walking in my room.
"Mima." I smiled, she was my Spanish-speaking grandma, who was getting to old. But still baked everything for today.
She smiled at me and kissed my forehead. I was the same hight as her now. 
"Gabriella," My grandmother said, turning to Mama, "Usted ha planteado una hermosa... mujer." 
Mama smiled down at her. May I add that she's 5'10". Don't ask me how I got so short, "Si, Madre. Sé que." 
And that's when I started crying. I don't cry, it's just Mama saying she's proud of me? That kind of makes me cry.
"It's time, Taz." Grace said, walking in. Grace was my favorite cousin. 
I grinned, I guess I was sort of excited. 
I walked out of my house, and into my large backyard, people stared and smiled at me.
"Perfecto." I heard Daddy say. 
I giggled. I hated being the center of attention. But this was sort of fun.
"Wow, Taz. You clean up good." Felipe said, he cleaned up good too. He wore a tux, which was rare for boys in my village.
My brothers all stared, they've never seen me in a dress.
This moment was... Dare I say, nice. 
I jinxed it...
Then, a giant red light birdies from out of no where. 
"Taz!" Mama screamed, trying to grip onto me, but it was to late. She flew backwards. My mama laid motionless. I looked around, mostly everyone, my whole family... Laid motionless on the ground.
I gasped, "Mima!"
I burst into tears, what the hell happened? 
"Kill, kill, kill, kill." Came a robotic voice.
I looked at the two other people still standing, Felipe and Grace.
"Run, Taz, run!" Grace shouted at me.
I did, I ran fast, but a cold metal arm yanked me by the back of my dress. 
"Bajar!" I yelled at it. It was to late, it hung me on a tree, more robots came, and started beating me.
This is it. This is how Im going to die, by robots? No. I couldn't die now. 
"Hey! Metal heads! Leave her alone!" 
A lazer, green now, came in now. Not hitting me, but the robots.
They blew up, one by one.
I looked down below me, "Who?" 
"Don't talk, there's more to come. You live here?" 
I nodded, then looked at my house.. destroyed, family, destroyed. 
The man cut me down from the tree and caught me.
"You're coming with me." He helped me onto his back and ran to his... Ship?
"Who are you?" I asked holding on tighter.
"Well... I'm Up. I'm a Starship ranger." 

I know it's not good, and nothing is going to match the things in Starship, but I'll try my hardest. Thanks for reading!

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